Song Review: Mamamoo – Everyday

Last time Mamamoo released a CF song and music video, it was in the form of the gloriously breezy Woo Hoo, which remains one of the best tracks in their discography. Now, the girls are shilling for Maeil Bio yogurt with the much more derivative Everyday (매일 봐요). This comes right on the heels of the chorus-averse Starry Night, yet doesn’t share that track’s interesting guitar-laced instrumental.

Everyday feels like the kind of song you’d hear playing in the background of some trendy clothing store. It’s inoffensive to a fault, and perfect for providing an exciting beat without drawing attention away from your shopping. And for a CF, I guess that’s kind of the point. But it doesn’t make for a particularly exciting song. It seems like Mamamoo are getting to a point in their career where they’re starting to move away from the very thing that made them a hit in the first place. Everyday is a song driven by its EDM instrumental loop rather than any sense of vocal interplay.

To Mamamoo’s credit, they try their best to make this heard-it-a-million-times-before material interesting. The pre-chorus is especially nice, as we get to hear some of those trademark harmonies before the instrumental comes crashing back in. Rapper Moonbyul also gets more to do, with an extended second verse that’s all hers. But when all is said and done, Everyday feels as if it was written by a committee of advertising executives uninterested in music but keenly aware of trends.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 6.75



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