The Top Ten Best Songs by MAMAMOO

top-ten-best-songs-by-mamamooThough they’re relative newcomers to the k-pop world, Mamamoo have quickly established themselves as a girl group with a different sound than any of their peers. Their powerful vocals are perfectly suited to the old-school soul/r&b that has defined their work since debut. And though they’ve got much more ahead of them, they’ve released just enough singles since 2014 to make a top ten list worthwhile.

10. Don’t Be Happy (with Bumkey) (2014)

Though more of a featuring than a true solo track, Don’t Be Happy represents the girls’ debut as they take over the song’s midtempo bounce halfway through.

9. Aah Oop! (ft. eSNa) (2015)

Over a bluesy guitar stomp, the girls deliver an attitude-laced treatise on just how awesome they are. It’s hard to argue.

8. Peppermint Chocolate (with K.Will & Wheesung) (2014)

The second of Mamamoo’s collaborations prior to official debut, Peppermint Chocolate floats along on an addictively retro synth riff.

7. New York (2016)

Mamamoo goes global, utilizing a 70’s funk template to bring us one of their most pop-informed melodies yet. (full review)

6. Piano Man (2014)

Piano Man feels like an old-time musical come to life, with its spritz of keys and harmonies to die for. It may not be one of their biggest hits, but after their successful debut, it proved they were here to stay.

5. You’re The Best (2016)

Bringing their throwback sound to its most rousing point yet, You’re The Best is Mamamoo going for the jugular and attacking with full charisma. (full review)

4. Woo Hoo (2016)

Recalling breezy 90’s r&b/pop, Woo Hoo lets the instrumental breathe so that full focus can be given to the girls’ extraordinary vocals. It sounds like summertime, stuffed into a song. (full review)

3. Um Oh Ah Yeah (2015)

With its bright, funky swing, Um Oh Ah Yeah cemented Mamamoo as one of k-pop’s leading girl groups. Its improvised sound, most notable during live performances, perfectly suits the group’s unique color.

2. Mr. Ambiguous (2014)

Though they had featured on several tracks prior to this one, Mr. Ambiguous saw the girls take full hold of their career. It remains one of the most addictive tracks in their catalog, and a brilliant distillation of the throwback girl group sound they’re so perfectly aligned with.

1. Décalcomanie (2016)

If songs like Um Oh Ah Yeah and You’re The Best saw Mamamoo rise to fame, Décalcomanie represents the full realization of what they can be as a group. Its rootsy, beat-driven verses give way to the group’s most galvanizing, explosive chorus. (full review)



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