Song Review: Pristin V – Get It

Though they’re still early in their career, Pristin have quickly become known for their bright, light-hearted pop style. Most groups don’t venture out to sub-unit activities until several years into promotion, but it seems that these girls are already hungry to display their versatility. Place Pristin V’s Get It (네 멋대로) next to the full group’s Wee Woo from last year and you have an unbelievable contrast.

Consisting of members Nayoung, Roa, Eunwoo, Rena and Kyulkyung, V is exactly half of the full group. This lends Get It the feel of a full-fledged comeback. Its mix of 90’s r&b and modern trap influences is right on trend, but thankfully the song hasn’t forgotten to include a healthy dose of melody. It begins with a murky, synth-infused build that doesn’t exactly set my expectations alight, as we’ve heard far too much of this exact sound in recent months. It really isn’t until the chorus that Get It reveals its true power.

While its verses are all subdued tease, the song utilizes a memorable burst of rugged synth to drive its otherwise simple hook. This one instrumental touch quickly becomes Get It’s calling card, adding a great bit of texture to a track threatened by generic trendiness. In the past, Pristin’s material has been hindered by its need for Twice-like aegyo, but Get It allows the girls a chance to indulge in a sultry croon that feels much more in keeping with their potential. In the end, it may be too slight to become the chart-conquering hit the group has in them, but its engaging use of dynamics and polished performance makes Get It a success.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8



2 thoughts on “Song Review: Pristin V – Get It

  1. I was the same! When I heard the first verse I didn’t think much of if until maybe 10 – 15 seconds in and thought “hmm actually this is quite nice. but I’m not completely hooked. I’ll probably like it though!”. But when that chorus came in! Damn. I love it so much. The verses work really well with it too


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