The Top Ten Best Songs by TWICE

Twice debuted just two and a half years ago, but their unparalleled success has been buoyed a work ethic that’s driven a steady stream of singles. And now, with their opening barrage of Japanese releases, they’ve delivered just enough songs for a top ten list. Read on for every single (excluding their Christmas release), ranked from “okay” to “iconic.”

10. Brand New Girl (2018)

A fizzy pop burst that forgoes the group’s quirkier leanings for a more straightforward (and forgettable) refrain. It’s the sound of an immensely popular act leaning back and coasting. (full review)

9. Candy Pop (2018)

Borrowing from the playful percussion of their Korean mega-hits, Candy Pop ups the cutesiness for the Japanese market. (full review)

8. One More Time (2017)

Successfully shifting Twice’s peppy hooks to the j-pop market, the relentlessly energetic One More Time propels forward on its bombastic electro beat. (full review)

7. Signal (2017)

Despite the prolific legacy of the JYP sound, Signal is Twice’s only single written by the man himself. It’s one of the group’s most divisive tracks, but that incessant bass and chirpy chorus go down easy. (full review)

6. Heart Shaker (2017)

Transitioning to a more traditional pop sound, Heart Shaker’s guitar-laced verses and explosive chorus proved that Twice could be just as potent with a more straightforward song. (full review)

5. Knock Knock (2017)

As the group’s first single without producers Black Eyed Pilseung at the helm, Knock Knock initially felt like a disappointment. But, its perky melody and ridiculously catchy chorus have endured in the long run. (full review)

4. Likey (2017)

Heralded by a dramatic opening of thundering brass, Likey’s cuter moments are buoyed by what is the group’s most dynamic instrumental. It surges with ideas, but never feels overstuffed or disjointed. (full review)

3. Like Ooh-Ahh (2015)

Twice’s debut single became a slow-burn hit, and deservedly so. Writing the playful template that would define much of what followed, Like Ooh-Ahh is anchored by its massive chorus and stomping breakdown of a bridge.

2. TT (2016)

Before TT popped into existence, it was unclear whether Twice would be able to replicate the viral phenomenon that past singles had inspired. This concern quickly disappeared as the girl’s delivered one of modern k-pop’s most iconic tracks. (full review)

1. Cheer Up (2016)

Doubling down on the sounds that made their debut successful, Cheer Up truly launched Twice into worldwide superstardom. Its every-changing verses are bolstered by one of the catchiest choruses of the last few years and coupled with inescapable choreography. It finds the perfect balance between novelty and classic pop song brilliance, crystallizing everything that makes this group so addictive. (full review)



11 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by TWICE

  1. It’s honestly so hard to rank Twice’s title tracks for me because they have a super-strong singles run, but my Top 3 would be Heart Shaker, Likey & TT. There’s just something about Heart Shaker’s pre-chorus that’s so charming to me, & boyyy that chorus hits like a sledgehammer.


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