Song Review: Boyfriend – Call Me

Though their Korean comebacks have become more sparse and under promoted as time has gone on, Boyfriend regularly release Japanese music. Rather than stick with a clearly defined sound, their J-pop output has varied in both style and quality. Unfortunately, new single Call Me falls somewhere towards the bottom of the pack. Its unassuming nature may be intentional, but results in a song that feels all too forgettable.

Moving into mid-tempo territory, Call Me offers a laid-back summer groove, awash with sleepy synths and breezy melodies. It’s hard to write much about a song like this, because it never stretches itself to be anything new or novel. Instead, Call Me maintains a low-key energy throughout its entire running time, never building to any spikes or climax. This results in a track that veers dangerously close to background music — pleasant enough to soundtrack summertime activities but hardly engrossing on its own.

While Call Me’s easy melody doesn’t stretch any of their voices, Boyfriend give an assured performance that allows a bit of personality to poke through. This is most evident during the playful rap segments and a post-chorus hook that injects a hint of funk to an otherwise straightforward arrangement. But even with these touches, we’ve heard much more interesting music come from Boyfriend’s Japanese career. Looking at their debut date, the group has already passed the point of contract renegotiation with their Korean agency, Starship. I hope a lackluster song like Call Me doesn’t mean they’re simply burning off material before a disbandment. K-pop deserves a quality Boyfriend comeback.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6



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