The Top Ten Best Songs by BOYFRIEND

Top Ten Best Singles by BOYFRIENDWith such a cheesy and unnecessarily gendered group name, Boyfriend’s image isn’t likely to entice many outside the pre-teen girl bracket, and that’s a shame because they have one of the strongest discographies among the poppier realm of k-pop boy bands. Working with Sweetune more often than not, I sometimes think of them as the younger, lighter version of Infinite. They have a surprisingly robust catalog of songs, which meant there are a handful of great ones that didn’t quite make my list.

  • Updated 3/5/17

Honorable Mention:

Start Up! (2014) – A pure explosion of energy. It’s not likely to appeal to everyone, but it’s hard to argue with the song’s sheer pop force.

10. Bounce (2015)

A more mature pop sound for the group, with a powerful, synth-drenched chorus that sticks for days.

9. Be My Shine (2012)

A rare example of Sweetune producing for the Japanese market, Be My Shine thrives on its throwback chorus and strings-laden beat.

8. My Avatar (2014)

This is here for one reason: that surging, energy burst of a chorus. I could do without all the dubstep that happens during the verses, but the hook more than makes up for it.

7. I’ll Be There (2011)

Of all their Sweetune produced tracks, this has the most interesting and unique song structure, with a constantly morphing sound and light, breezy chorus.

6. Jackpot (2016)

Driven by its frantic, strings-driven beat, Jackpot is the crown jewel of Boyfriend’s solid Japanese discography, fusing the best of both their poppy and mature sides. (full review)

5. On & On (2013)

A hyper melodic piece of summertime pop, with a gorgeous, harmonic chorus. It absolutely explodes at the end.

4. Don’t Touch My Girl (2011)

Another amazing example of the classic, streamlined Sweetune sound. That hiccupy synth and unflagging momentum let this track soar.

3. Love Style (2012)

Take everything that was great about 80’s pop, throw it in a blender, and you’ve got Love Style. Each note, and every punchy rhythmic turn, could have functioned as a lesser song’s chorus.

2. I Yah (2013)

A hard-hitting sucker punch of dance pop, with rhythm guitar and synth accents to die for. That overpowering, layered hook is as aggressively awesome as the guys have ever sounded.

1. Janus (2012)

Boyfriend’s masterpiece, and one of Sweetune’s best tracks. From its orchestral backing to its heavenly backing vocals and flourishes, it easily secures its place at the top of the group’s discography. The touches of guitar add to the song’s stately, majestic feel, but nothing hits as hard as that surging, anthemic chorus.



10 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by BOYFRIEND

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    • I think it was a good attempt at something different, but the song itself isn’t one of my favorites. I’m actually surprised that Sweetune wrote and produced it, since it’s a lot less melodic than their usual stuff.


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