Song Review: GOT7 – Miracle

It’s December, which means we’ve entered the month of ballads and holiday releases. GOT7 are kicking things off with the sentimental Miracle, which spearheads a repackage of their latest album. Even if their music hasn’t always been to my taste lately, I’ve got to give it to the guys. Most repackages add two to four new tracks to an album. Present: You & Me brings twelve new songs to the table. Twelve! That’s more than most full-length K-pop albums before a repackage.

When it comes to seasonal ballads like Miracle, there really is a limitation on how creative you can go. It’s kind of a “you get what you get” situation. The best of the genre (like EXO’s gorgeous Miracles In December) rely on delicate melodies and soaring vocal performances. And fortunately, Miracle incorporates both. In fact, the vocal sections are so satisfying that I almost wish the inevitable rap verses had been cut. They’re fine — and it’s nice to hear Jackson tone down his delivery — but they don’t feel especially needed.

Much more affecting is the harmony-rich chorus. Most of GOT7’s title tracks don’t allow for this kind of spotlight on the group’s vocals, and it’s refreshing to hear them tackle something so straightforward and classy. The understated, piano-led instrumental is expected but effective, and I love the slight tugs of strings during the second verse. When it comes down to it, Miracle is everything you’d imagine a December ballad would be, but it’s a solid example of the form. It will surely soundtrack chilly winter nights all month long.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


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