The Top Ten Best Songs by GOT7

top-ten-best-songs-by-got7Though they’ve only been active since 2014, JYP boy group GOT7 have already become one of k-pop’s biggest acts — especially internationally. They’ve released just enough title tracks to create a top ten list, though I’ve mentioned before that their Japanese output really pales in comparison to their Korean material. As usual, only promoted title tracks with music videos are eligible, though Home Run and Yo Moriagatte Yo are pretty solid in their own right.

  • Updated 12/29/17

10. Fly (2016)

Though its relatively low energy suffers in comparison to their best title tracks, Fly’s laid-back hip-hop has grown more addictive with time. (full review)

9. Never Ever (2017)

A fitful blend of glitchy hip-hop and EDM, Never Ever moves from nimble verses to a big, boisterous hook with charismatic energy. (full review)

8. Confession Song (2015)

Yes, it’s technically a Christmas release (complete with sleigh bells), but there’s no denying Confession Song‘s warm, uplifting chorus.

7. You Are (2017)

Co-written by leader JB, You Are takes a more melodic approach with its cresting, anthemic chorus and moody synth riff. (full review)

6. Girls, Girls, Girls (2014)

A slinky blast of attitude-infused hip hop that introduced the guys as a charismatic force in the idol world. That ever-repeating electronic squiggle already feels iconic.

5. Stop, Stop It (2014)

Taking its cues from midtempo 90’s r&b, Stop, Stop It overcomes its autotuned production with a sticky hook and smooth, crooning vocals.

4. Hard Carry (2016)

The heaviest title track the group has released so far, Hard Carry‘s trendy sledgehammer beat hits with enough irresistible force to cement their status as one of k-pop’s leading boy groups. (full review)

3. If You Do (2015)

If we were to illustrate this list on a timeline, the bottom seven tracks would be bunched relatively close to one another, but these top three would be off on the other side, in a class of their own. If You Do spotlights the group’s darker, melodic side. No other GOT7 title track shares this emotive sound, and that’s a shame because they absolutely nail it.

2. Just Right (2015)

A ridiculously sunny, feel-good burst of hip-hop flavored pop music. Its chorus remains one of their strongest, effortlessly shifting from one inventive hook to another. K-pop simply doesn’t get any more fun (or catchy) than this.

1. A (2014)

The first time GOT7 showed that they were more than just a simple hip-hop group. A‘s bright, retro beat underlines their most successful melody — evoking summer and youth in an effortless distillation of what makes pop music so irresistible. Even the song’s extended outro features one of their most memorable refrains, punctuated by a funky burst of 80’s synth.



15 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by GOT7

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  6. I thought this would include side tracks. Got7 don’t have many title tracks so I imagine you don’t really think some of these are actually good. Got7 have some great side tracks – some of the best in my opinion, because of the diversity of styles they can do. Sure their older songs are a bit cringe-worthy and awkward, and their latest album was (in my humble opinion) their worst, but every other album has been great especially Mad, Departure, and Turbulence (Got7 Sick written by Youngjae and Beggin’ on my knees written by Day6’s YoungK are some good ones).


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