Song Review: Super Junior-D&E – Danger

Since opening Label SJ (a sub-label supported by SM Entertainment), Super Junior have taken a more active role in the production of their music. This is (understandably) the ultimate goal for many idol artists, but it doesn’t always end up creating the strongest material. In Super Junior’s case, the added input has resulted in an exploration of new sounds. It’s a shame, then, that few of these digressions have been to my taste.

Super Junior-D&E’s new single Danger (땡겨) was co-written by member Donghae, who has really blossomed as a composer over the past few years. His work has been incredibly varied in sound, but it’s at its best when it fully embraces melody. Danger stakes its claim on bombast and… well… noise. It’s a rambunctious track, and oddly dated. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy this isn’t yet another tropical instrumental, but Danger’s heavy blend of trap, EDM and rock feels like it belongs in 2015 right alongside Bigbang’s Bang Bang Bang.

This particular style has immense potential, and that pokes through during Danger’s more compelling moments. The electric guitar that opens the track is a pleasant surprise, and hints at a more original instrumental that never materializes. The aggressive synths that underline Danger’s verses provide plenty of energy, but the drop-style chorus sabotages the song. It’s not a bad drop, but its presence prevents Danger from developing a memorable chorus. D&E have always been a performance-oriented group, and a track like this certainly gives them the chance to show that off. But apart from the video and choreography, Danger is more energy than song. It’s a shame, because so many of the right ingredients are here.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8



3 thoughts on “Song Review: Super Junior-D&E – Danger

  1. I have a hard time understanding the purpose of this song. Other than, oh we are six months out from a Super Junior full proper comeback with Kyu, lets make a quick song release. It has none of the joy of Oppa Oppa, none of the breeziness of (whatever D&E released last autumn), none of the tenderness of “Growing pains”, none of the humor of “Super Duper”, none of the charm of “Charm of Life”. Its just a basic kpop trying appear dangerous song, as if Donghae could ever pass for dangerous. Also, yes, the abandoned car park scene trope. C’mon boys, try harder.


    • Their last few comebacks have been pretty lackluster, honestly. I always pegged them as a fun, uptempo sub-unit, but everything they do now feels like posturing.


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