Song Review: NewKidd – Tu Eres

NewKidd join a growing list of fresh debuts that have kinda… sorta… already debuted. I get that their 2017-18 sub-unit releases don’t really count, but they even performed last year’s Shooting Star on music shows. Add that to member Hansol’s pre-debut, NCT-training hype and it feels like these guys have been around forever. Nevertheless, it’s nice to finally make this group official — and their debut arrives in strong fashion with the upbeat Tu Eres (뚜에레스).

We’re starting to see a trend in songs like these, which harness a familiar deep house structure but up the energy and add a more robust chorus. I’d be delighted to see this pattern continue as the year goes on, because this brisk, dynamic vibe is always welcome. Tu Eres derives much of its pleasure from the forcefulness of its instrumental. Its official description describes the track as “future bass,” but it lacks the kind of lurching, stop/start structure I often associate with the genre. The song feels much closer to ONF’s Complete — though Tu Eres isn’t as inventive or memorable.

I love the opening verse, which bounces along vibrant synths before bringing in additional keys and atmospheric strings. The track builds a great sense of momentum that carries through its deep house beat drop of a chorus. The melody here is solid, but not quite as eventful as I was hoping. Tu Eres then goes on to segue into the kind of dreaded, post-chorus hip-hop break that forces the tempo down. It’s not a hugely glaring shift this time around, but ultimately fails to bring the track to another level. Even so, NewKidd are operating in a style I personally enjoy. There’s not much to complain about, and I’m excited to see where they go next.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9



7 thoughts on “Song Review: NewKidd – Tu Eres

    • As does too much of K-pop right now. I’m *this* close to getting sick of the 90’s house, but if it brings back a trend of high-energy dance tracks I’m willing to look the other way.


  1. I like this song because it actually has a melody. Also, they aren’t trying too hard to be dangerous, or deep and meaningful, or stylish, or that laser sharp choreo. The song doesn’t ask much of the listener. Its just all around enjoyable. I agree that it isn’t quite as catchy as ONF Complete, but that one used a lot of studio tricks, which I didn’t mind in the least.

    One small bonus point for having at least one guy with a different haircut. I mean, 95% of kpop boys have the same damn haircut, different color. For a while there was one guy in seventeen with lovely long lavender locks, but that time is gone and now I can’t really pick him out.

    Also of note, Hansol, another former SM trainee, reappears, sort of, and then disappears. I mean, if it wasn’t pointed out in the comment section, I wouldn’t have know that he was a) much older and b) supposed to be better.

    I would buy this one, but it doesn’t appear to be on US iTunes quite yet. Judging by the number of views its only you me and the other commenter Qinqin listening anyway, alas.


  2. 140K views on YouTube after 2 days. I wonder if there’s something – even just *one single* thing – involving The Uni+ that got a certain kind of happy ending or beginning.

    (This said, the chorus of this song IMHO is one of the worst of 2019. Let’s say I’d rather wait for the next comeback. Or reboot.)


    • The chorus has actually clicked with me. It took longer than usual, but I quite like it now (especially when paired with the light vocals, which remind me of ONF).


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