Song Review: IN2IT – Run Away

It’s been over a year since IN2IT’s last comeback. While none of their material has bowled me over so far, I’ve felt a special kinship with the group ever since running into them at a Target store (!). In some ways, they feel like MNET’s forgotten child, given short shrift in favor of Produce 101-spawned groups and fromis_9. After a year away, one digital single isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, Run Away offers quality over quantity.

Some of 2019’s most arresting tracks have incorporated rock guitar, and Run Away is the latest to tackle this sound. The song opens with aggressive riffs, fusing heavy metal to an icy synth line. This being K-pop, the guitar is only one element within an otherwise familiar piece of dance pop, but it supplies much-needed character. Without it, Run Away would have come across as yet another generic boy group bop, performed well but lacking ambition.

Though Run Away’s thundering instrumental helps the song stand out, I wish the production would have gone even harder. Things don’t feel truly gritty until the duel rap verses that hijack the climax. The entire track could have done with this energy, as too often it plunges into the kind of hookless lulls that kill momentum. The chorus is stronger, though it could have utilized a more interesting vocal arrangement than the straightforward performance we get. Still, I’ve got to give IN2IT major props for sidestepping today’s instrumental trends for something more robust and exciting.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

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11 thoughts on “Song Review: IN2IT – Run Away

  1. Pentagon, Eric Nam, Teen Top, now IN2IT… what is this new kpop thing of titling songs Run Away/Runaway? Even Tiffany Young has a solo song with the title, though that’s not kpop and all…

    … and I just went up and searched “run away song” on Google and I got about 5 different non-kpop songs on the first page of video results. Oh boy. Guess people really like running away for some reason.

    Even so, the fact that this is the third kpop song in 2019 with this title (give or take the space in between run and away) is making me cringe. However, it is certainly the best of the kpop runaways. This music video is ridiculously low budget, though, compared to IN2IT’s past MVs. A better MV would definitely elevate my enjoyment of the song. (Yes, Nam’s was shot on a potato cam, but at least that fit the aesthetic of the song somewhat.)

    I think I’m going to really like this song, unoriginal title and poor MV aside. Again, it hits my musical kinks.

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  2. I forgot the song was playing for a while, that is how basic the first half is. It does perk up a bit, couple high notes, more angst, but for me not outstanding.

    I quite enjoyed “Snap Shot” last year, as it had a few more hooks to it. And “Sorry for my English” is a regular guilty pleasure of mine.

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    • Exactly the same here
      I don’t really get the 8.5 rating (plus the clip is very dull too :/)

      Well I’ll be waiting for the next comeback however!


  3. IN2IT discography is plenty of great instrumentals (like Run Away) spoiled by their rookie vocals. I guess how this track could sound if played by NCT, Got7 or Monsta X.

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