Song Review: IN2IT – ULlala: Poisoning

IN2IT’s Run Away popped up on a random shuffle the other day and I realized that I had honestly forgotten about the song. This might sound like a put down, but as the track played, I found my ears lured to its rock-infused dance beat. I couldn’t quite place who the performer was (which probably says more about IN2IT than the song itself) but it sounded better than I remembered. I say this only to note that sometimes opinions on music can change given information you have at hand. With an under-the-radar group like IN2IT, many listeners are less inclined to expect greatness, and this apathy can frame otherwise strong material in an unfavorable light.

With this in mind, I always try to give every new release the benefit of the doubt, and some of my favorite songs of the year have spawned from acts that are low on resources and short on fans. Unfortunately, ULlala: Poisoning will not be joining that list. IN2IT are a talented, appealing group, but they’ve pin-balled from one sound to another without any clear plan. Poisoning switches things up yet again, drawing from both Latin influences and generic, moody boy group fare.

The song ticks most of the boxes you’d expect in 2019, presenting a languid tempo and pre-chorus build that leads to a tepid drop. To Poisoning’s credit, the chorus is actually vocal-driven, though the melody mostly just echoes the pattern of the instrumental. Apart from this central hook, it’s hard to remember much about the track. The verses amount to little more than posturing. They’re melodic, but not in any well-constructed way. Months from now, when ULala: Poisoning pops up on shuffle, I doubt that my ears will be intrigued.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

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4 thoughts on “Song Review: IN2IT – ULlala: Poisoning

    • The title of this one is so weird. I don’t get the double “l” in ULlala… nor do I get the capitalization of it. And when I say the full thing out loud, all I can think of is “ooh la la! poisoning!”, which is an extremely odd thing to say unless you’re a super villain from that old 1960’s Batman show.

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  1. This song is written by the books. Higher melodic line first two lines. Lower timbre next two. Prechorus has the increasingly urgent snare. Chorus either drops or adds a second forgettable melody. Then rap verse. and etc.
    So in other words, basic kpop, could be anyone these days.

    This one also has the worming latin-infused hook going on. I first noticed it with SuJu “I think I”, then there was another the other day – smaller girl group (Bundit? the Nature song?) Mamamoo HIP has it too.

    I am not an expert on the VIXX ouevre, but don’t they also have a “poison” song. Also VAV a few weeks ago. Seventeen last release is not named poison – it is named “Fear” – but the word features prominently in the chorus.


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