Song Review: Greyish – Kkili Kkili

Greyish can’t quite decide if they want to throw a hyphen after the “G” in their name, as it seems to change with every other comeback. For consistency’s sake, I’m leaving it out — but I am fascinated with when and how K-pop decides to utilize grammatical quirks.

When we last saw the girls, they were engaged in a Sailor Moon-esque cosplay for Candy — a single that was more shockingly weird than authentically enjoyable. I’m all for a little oddness in K-pop, but quirks are best when tethered to a strong song. Kkili Kkili (끼리끼리) is much better than Candy, though it’s likely to play for a fairly limited audience.

That audience will almost certainly consist of those who appreciated Orange Caramel’s goofy, trot-influenced oeuvre. Greyish replicate this sound completely, down to the chirpy vocals and dated Euro-trash production. This might come across as a dig, but I actually appreciate the cheap thrill of it all.

Kkili Kkili opens with its titular hook, immediately letting listeners know what they’re in for. It’s a catchy chorus, repetitive while staying just short of cloying. A brief verse comes next, to little fanfare or necessity. The song is all about the blaring electronic riffs and cliched EDM builds — and it’s all the better for it. I don’t think I’ll be playing Kkili for years, nor is it the kind of music I’ll always be in the mood for, but Greyish have carved out a fun, guilty pleasure niche for themselves that’s difficult to resist.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8

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4 thoughts on “Song Review: Greyish – Kkili Kkili

  1. This song goes right through me, like chalk on a chalkboard.

    There was another small release recently that echoes the ghost of Orange Caramel even moreso than this one. “Turn Signal” by Venus. Trot with electric swing with AKB-style costumes and kitsch all the way around. The costumes on The Show are something else. Are those painted styrofoam balls on their heads?
    Somehow, it doesn’t give me as much joy as Orange Caramel once did. Perhaps I am old and jaded.


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  3. After some stupidity on my part, I was pointed to this review by Mymagoogle. This song, while at first grating, kept repeating in my head until it finally won me over. It’s fun EDM, and I’m here for that. After getting hooked on Kkili Kkili, I checked out Greyish’s past releases for something similar, but Candy was to cutesy-gimmicky-anime for enjoyment. Anyways, I’m surprised that Kkili Kkili ultimately won me over from a passing performance on Inkigayo.


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