Song Review: Kim Kookheon & Song Yuvin – Blurry

Now that we’re a month or so out from the Produce X 101 finale, it’s time to welcome the endless parade of releases from the series’ contestants. Every agency is out to make a quick buck, and that rarely involves a lot of forethought or musical quality. In addition to appearing on the show, Kim Kookheon and Song Yuvin were members of boy group MYTEEN, who coincidentally disbanded a few days ago. Time will tell where the two end up, but for now the guys are being packaged as a vocal duo.

Blurry casts Kookheon and Yuvin as emotive balladeers, which seems appropriate given their current situation. As such, the gentle, piano-driven track does its job. It’s got enough drive to keep the tempo from completely stalling, and acts as a solid showcase for their skills. But, it’s hard to get excited about a song of this nature. It feels more like a placeholder than an evolution. Despite laying out a satisfying build, Blurry never culminates in an interesting climax. I would have expected to hear the kind of overwrought power notes that are so loved within this genre, but the song’s finale just kind of fizzles into a tepid denouement.

Duo debuts have become a popular formula for post-Produce releases, led by acts like JBJ95 and MXM. To compete, Kookheon and Yuvin are going to need to decide what makes them unique. Blurry is fine, but forgettable. If they’re going to continue down this subdued sonic route, they’ll need to find material as strong as JJ Project’s Tomorrow, Today or JBJ95’s Spark.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

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