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K-Pop A-Z Review: EXO – December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale)

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December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale) (from Exology Chapter 1: The Lost Planet – 2014)

Released as a special winter track on the group’s first concert album, December, 2014 is an easy EXO song to overlook. It’s a standard r&b ballad, driven by muted keys and synth strings. While the track’s sentimental nature will likely give it a special place in many fans’ hearts, I’ve always found the melody to be pretty forgettable. EXO have quite a few of these winter-themed tracks in their arsenal, and nothing about December really makes it superior to the others. At the very least, it’s another fine showcase for the group’s always-impressive vocalists.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.75


One thought on “K-Pop A-Z Review: EXO – December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale)

  1. I’ve been following Kpop group EXO since 2012 and I love this song. This is one of my favourite EXO songs. This is a hidden gem because for some reason they did not promote this song at all.


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