Song Review: Sunny Hill – Nom Nom Nom

I’ll tell you one thing: I never thought I’d be writing a Sunny Hill review in 2019. After the girls left their agency two years ago, I assumed they’d all-but broken up. Two of their members did leave during this long hiatus, replaced by a new pair of performers (one of which from short-lived group Purfles). But even before these changes, the group had seemed to lose their way. Their once-daring music was replaced by generic ballads and OST fare, and the Korean public gradually lost interest.

New single Nom Nom Nom (놈놈놈) isn’t fantastic, but it does rekindle a bit of Sunny Hill’s quirky past. The song is perched halfway between polka and trot, pulsing on an insistent, accordion-like synth loop. There are even whinnying horses thrown in the background for added whimsy. The instrumental is a playground of the bizarre, and that alone is a refreshing diversion from today’s overused trends. Unfortunately, it also gives Nom Nom Nom an air of novelty. At just over two-and-a-half minutes, it feels undercooked and kind of jokey.

This is a shame, because the newly-configured Sunny Hill is a pretty tight vocal unit. Their jazzy delivery gives Nom a bit of weight, captivating with an old-fashioned sense of charisma. The chorus is especially nice, as the girls join forces to deliver a striking high note that’s given a breathy and pointed arrangement. Their voices blend well, and much of Nom’s joy comes from the understated interplay between them. I just wish the track itself didn’t feel so much like an afterthought. It has many of the right pieces, but lacks the vision to mix them into a knockout whole.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

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2 thoughts on “Song Review: Sunny Hill – Nom Nom Nom

  1. I had never heard of this group before. If you had asked me “what is Sunny Hill”, the only thing that comes to mind is perhaps orange juice … ?

    I like the song. Cute. Welcome performed. I think it is the perfect length. Kitsch songs that are too long can overstay their welcome. This one says what is has to say and then finishes. For reference, the classic Tom Jones “What’s new Pussycat” song clocks in at only ~2:15.

    I wish these ladies the best of luck on their nth reincarnation.


  2. I like Sunny Hill and high hopes for this comeback but.. ..thank God I didn’t back their MakeStar on this release; I really dodged a bullet on this one.

    I was hoping for something at least along the lines of “Here I Am”, or at best “Midnight Circus” or “Pray”. Never expected whatever this is.

    Reference #1 (Here I Am):
    Reference #2 (Midnight Circus):
    Reference #3 (Pray):


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