Song Review: Everglow – Dun Dun

Everglow quickly emerged as one of last year’s most popular rookie groups, harnessing a BLACKPINK-like style that opts for edgy beat drops over chirpy aegyo. While I appreciate the concept, neither of their 2019 singles connected with me as strongly as I would’ve liked. Both felt more like catchphrases in search of a song than fully-fleshed out pieces of music.

Judging from its title alone, the onomatopoeia-loving Dun Dun promises more of the same. Right from the start, percussion looms large, with every instrumental element tethered to the same general melodic riff. Boy groups like Monsta X and BTS employ this style often, and it rarely appeals to me. With that said, Dun Dun is better than expected. The first time around, its beat drop chorus feels too predictable and one-note, but it becomes streamlined as the song continues. I’ll never be a fan of choruses like this, which take one bratty melodic line and repeat it over and over, but the “dun dun” hook fuses well with the hard-hitting production. Better yet, the track never succumbs to the kind of low-energy, trap breakdown pitfalls that affect so many K-pop songs of this nature. It’s big and loud the whole way through, and that’s kind of refreshing.

Still, I wish that Dun Dun challenged itself to think outside of the box. It’s a perfectly serviceable entry in this growing sub-genre, but nothing about it feels forward-thinking or revelatory. The song does exactly what you’d expect. That it succeeds is a testament to Everglow’s undeniable charisma and the addictive slap of its instrumental. An added sense of spontaneity or surprise might have transformed this by-the-numbers banger into a future classic. But, there’s still plenty of time for this promising rookie group to carve out a niche all their own.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

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11 thoughts on “Song Review: Everglow – Dun Dun

  1. .

    Avril Lavigne does kpop.

    The difference between this and equally bratty but better Itzy singles is JYP. JYP knows how to do the instrumental better, how to get one or two stand out synth lines that are unique and has an actual hook. Think of that low puff pan pipe bass line that anchors Dalla Dalla. The twanging bass in ICY paired with the sampled really short staccato “eh”. Less is more.

    For this song, the orchestration just fills the middle with noisy synth, just because it seems what everyone else is doing.

    The girls do their best to sell this song, I will give them that.

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    • This is such a good observation. Less truly is more when it comes to genuinely memorable instrumentals, and ITZY’s so far have managed to be sticky and iconic. Just on its own and without any other elements, Dalla Dalla’s bassline feels like a classic, timeless riff.

      I actually love the concept of “noisy” kpop, but the noise has to be working in a specific direction and not be utter aimless chaos. f(x) in particular seemed to understand this and did very well with their experimental tracks.


  2. I believe they’ve already found their niche in that hard-dropping chorus that’s been prominent in all of their singles so far.
    While I’m not yet sold on this single, I’m pretty sure I’ll come to like it just as I did with Bon Bon Chocolat and Adios.


  3. I feel like musically they are what Blackpink want to be. Blackpink might sell it better but at least Everglow is more fun overall. It could be a little better and more polished but I’m okay with this.

    Now Blackpink just needs to go back to Playing With Fire and As If It’s Your Last.

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  4. Everglow – reminiscence:

    1. Salute (0:00) – Has a charming chorus (e.g. @0:48)
    2. Dun Dun (3:11) – Biased semi-approval. If it wasn’t Everglow, I wouldn’t like it.
    3. Player (6:24) – Dun Dun, Part Deux; same comment.
    4. No Lie (9:38) – Decent, but still a typical filler b-side.



    • I feel about the same re: all the album tracks!

      I gotta ask: does Cignature’s debut earn your Semi-approval? (hehe)


      (it’s a pun)

      (a pun on one of the members’ names)

      (hee hee)

      (hoo hoo)

      (ha ha)

      (i’m funny)

      (end my suffering)


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      • Well, if you Rolly want to know if Cigniture had a Good Day with me on their new release, you’ll need to check out my comment in Nick’s review post.


  5. Thank you EVERGLOW, for being there during BLACKPINK’s absence! if BP continues this kind of route (1 comeback per year), Everglow might snatch their crown. but still EG has long way to go.


  6. If I could give this song a 0, I definitely would.
    I’m tired of these girl groups trying to be the next blackpink, the next ITZY, the next red velvet.


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