Song Review: Cignature – Nun Nu Nan Na

Last year, rookie group Good Day sat atop my list of new K-pop acts with the longest hiatuses, and their endless break turned out to be their death knell. But, like a phoenix from the ashes, the group has been reconfigured as Cignature, consisting of five of the former Good Day members plus two new faces. Their agency C9 is clearly in the business of “C” letter groups, as Cignature now joins CIX on their roster.

C9 also seems to be in the business of songs that The Bias List doesn’t like. Their A&R team must have different taste than I do. I’ve yet to find a CIX track that I enjoy, and the inanely-titled Nun Nu Nan Na (눈누난나) repelled me from the very first listen. To be fair, this loud, sing-talk brand of girl group K-pop is often my kryptonite. While others may find the infantilized, shouty performance charming, I find it a disservice to what I assume is a talented set of vocalists. Some groups can get away with this style in drips and drabs (I’m looking at you, ITZY), but it requires a killer song and exciting production to really spark.

Nun Nu Nan Na shows hints of potential, but it’s too relentlessly in-your-face to be palatable. The titular post-chorus hook is the most glaring example of this, but the entire track rides on a structure that favors sing-song talking over robust melody. The producers no doubt held Red Velvet’s quirky pop as inspiration, but that group’s more boisterous songs work because of a tight vocal blend and a genuine sense of experimentalism. Nun Nu Nan Na is just typical girl group fare wrapped in a bratty, abrasive arrangement. It’s not for me, but it wasn’t meant to be anyway.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

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11 thoughts on “Song Review: Cignature – Nun Nu Nan Na

  1. I’ve just left a comment saying that the newest Girlfriend’s single was boring. If that song was boring, then this one doesn’t even deserve a review.
    Simple, plain, forgettable. Not worth anyone’s time.


  2. What a day! There was even a (mediocre) Kim Jae Hwan song out too. Some new debut called DKB which is basic-minus boy band kpop sound. And three or four more songs due out tomorrow. And more the next day! Whoosh!

    Really, can people really stop with that snare drum during a prechorus?

    Anyway, this sound is basic girl crush kpop. I find it indistinguishable from GWSN WJSN Weki Meki WJMK GeeGu Nature fromis NeonPunch and twelve others whose acronyms I have forgotten. I don’t know how the kids tell them apart.


  3. Unrelated: I tried looking on itunes for a new debut kpopera group called Paradise, song called “Fate”. Instead I found a group called Paradise, song called “Hoochies Need Love Too”, which sounds exactly how you think a song called that should sound.

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  4. I’m actually a fan of the chorus, it’s fun and doesn’t take itself seriously. Also whatever percussion they used in the first part of the prechorus was unique. My ears enjoyed it before the usual snare drum into the drop. Overall it’s fine but I’m leaning more towards 8

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  5. It’s funny, something about C9’s musical choices just manages to appeal to me, even though you understandably dislike them and they aren’t always the most inspired. I’ve liked almost everything CIX has put out and I enjoyed this song as well.

    I definitely wish they’d done more with it but somehow the chorus melody was refreshing to me and I liked most of the instrumental. I did find myself wishing the post-chorus chant was less predictable and their delivery less high pitched though, so I can empathize there—-but I still enjoyed it overall. I think they can do better but for now I’m reasonably excited about them.


  6. Before I comment.. ..wait.. ..isn’t my before comment also my comment? /brain resets.

    Okay, up front, Cignature was C9 GIRLZ, err, I mean Good Day.. ..and Jeewon was Jiwon; well, at least she was when she was on The Unit. Regardless of whether she’s Jiwon, Jeewon, in Good Day, or in Cignature, that girl has the brightest, most adorablest, infectious smile I have ever seen in the many days that I have haunted this rock. That needed to be said.

    Now, as far as “Nun Nu Nan Na”, it doesn’t break any new ground. It doesn’t redefine any genre. It doesn’t reach any highs or descend to any lows. It adopts the latest “everything including the kitchen sink” spaghetti at the wall song design. That said, I am going to love it no matter what as long as it keeps Jeewon/Jiwon of Cignature/C9 GIRLZ/Good Day beaming that soul piercing Cheshire 😀 in my direction.

    Yes, this is a bias review on The Bias List. Madness!


    • Heh, I looked it up. Yeah, Jiwon has a really cute infectious gummy smile. She does for Good Day / Cignature what JooE does for Momoland. (JooE makes a face, and I just can’t help but crack up with her.)
      Also, I swear in an alt world, Jiwon could be MoonByul’s kid sister who is always getting into mischief.

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