Introducing the ‘In-Depth Album Reviews’ Page!

You all know how I like stats and databases, so in order to present information in a new way, I’ve added an “In-Depth Album Reviews” page to the site. This will house any K-pop album that I’ve reviewed (and rated) in full.

Right now, the artists who fit this criteria are Infinite, EXO, Golden Child and NCT. However, I’m hoping to feature track-by-track reviews of notable K-pop albums throughout the year — similar to my random shuffle reviews but focused on the album as a whole.

While most of the information on this page is simply reorganized from existing reviews, the formatting allowed me to give each album its own rating, created by averaging the ratings of each of its tracks. It’s kind of fun to see, if you’re a ratings geek like me!

Check out the new page here!

8 thoughts on “Introducing the ‘In-Depth Album Reviews’ Page!

  1. I am a long-time fan of your site, but I have never posted until now. Please, please review the Wonder Girls 2015 album Reboot. It would totally make my day.


  2. I loooove this idea, especially the average album ratings. As expected, MAMA is hard to beat…

    With this I also expect you to correct the GRAVE injustice that is the lack of f(x) b-side appreciation on this site…okay perhaps that’s dramatic, but still. Obviously there’s their highly regarded “Holy Trinity” of full albums, but I feel even their earlier stuff is quirky and engaging enough to warrant a closer look. I’m dying to know what you think. Honestly, I’m in d—d-d-danger!

    – sincerely, one diehard MeU with an unshaken belief that f(x)’s discography remains the strongest among girl groups


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