Song Review: PurpleBeck – VALENTi

Only three releases in, and rookie group PurpleBeck have gone from having Kim Jaejoong guest star in their music video to releasing a self-filmed, ultra-low-budget product like VALENTi. This downward curve is not unique to new groups from small agencies, but it’s always a bit depressing. After debuting last year with the quirky Crystal Ball, PurpleBeck’s music has also lost its luster. Though pleasant, VALENTi feels too light and inconsequential for its own good.

Whether this was pitched as a “song for the fans” or not, VALENTi is like the kind of airy production you might tack onto the end of an album with the intent of performing at fan meets. Its sprightly, synth-kissed instrumental generates a bit of oomph, but lacks a satisfying anchor. I like the jazz piano that runs through some segments. If it wasn’t for the energetic tempo, the production actually reminds me a bit of lounge music.

The melody is similarly chill, drawing out the girls’ voices to create wispy verses that threaten to blend into one watercolor-like coo. The chorus has more kick, and delivers a surprisingly catchy hook that lingers longer than its transitory nature might suggest. None of this adds up to create a knockout title track, but VALENTi would have made a very nice b-side. Still, “very nice b-side” is not what a struggling group like PurpleBeck need right now. I doubt whether many outside of their fan base will even hear this song. That’s a shame, because the girls clearly have potential if given stronger material.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

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4 thoughts on “Song Review: PurpleBeck – VALENTi

  1. It sounds like a b-side from every generic girl group out there right now.
    Also, to be fair, the style of video may not be only the budget but perhaps this is the style they could film with the coronavirus going around. Maybe they just had to make do.


  2. Hello! I’m sorry to nitpick with this, but the overall score is wrongly calculated. It should be either 7.5 or an 8 should be a seven instead.

    Overall, I agree with the review! Purplebeck could use a higher calliber single.


  3. I actually like this one a lot. I don’t know if it’s because of the major swing the entire industry has made towards ‘girl crush’, or because I’m in a nostalgic phase, but this song is just simple fun; and I needed a dose of that.

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