Song Review: Ryu Sujeong (Lovelyz) – Tiger Eyes

Woollim Entertainment really missed the chance to give Lovelyz a comeback right after their stint on Queendom, but timing has never been the agency’s strength. However, the series finally gave more spotlight to the group’s individual members. Most casual fans probably have a set image of Lovelyz, but there are contrasting charms hidden within their cheerful, innocent veneer. Ryu Sujeong may not be the group’s main vocal, but her huskier tone offers a needed contrast to the brighter styles that power most of their music.

Tiger Eyes gives Sujeong a chance to shine on her own for the first time, unencumbered from expectations. The song plays like a sonic sequel to Solar’s Spit It Out, released last month. That track had far less staying power than I would have expected, mostly due to its repetitive nature. I fear the same will happen to Tiger Eyes. It’s a song driven by attitude and a sense of “cool.” But like most tracks of its nature, the mood is more important than the melody.

Don’t get me wrong, Sujeong sells this mood. It’s wonderful to hear her take the reins of a genre like this. She is indeed cool, and so is the tense, pulsing beat that underlines much of the song. Though nowhere near as catchy, the throbbing verses remind me a bit of Kylie Minogue’s early-00’s hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. Their arrangement is hypnotic. Yet, if you listen to the first twenty seconds of Tiger Eyes, you’ve pretty much heard how the whole track will sound. This repetition makes Eyes’ second half feel inessential, and I’ll admit I start to lose interest around verse two. A more daring structure would have helped. The song lacks a climax, which means there’s nothing for it to be building towards. The groove is satisfying, and Sujeong’s vocals are alluring, but Tiger Eyes leaves an odd sense of unfulfillment once it’s over.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

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6 thoughts on “Song Review: Ryu Sujeong (Lovelyz) – Tiger Eyes

  1. I like it! I hadn’t picked up on the Kylie Minogue beat until you mentioned it, but the popping pulsing effect does have a passing resemblance. Its not as showy as some of the top tier female solo releases such as ChungHa, but I think this song holds it own. I would even call it a “solid pop song”.

    Its the kind of track which doesn’t by itself have highs and lows to seek it out deliberately on the ipod, but then again because it has a continuous cool energy to it doesn’t get skipped on a playlist when it comes around. I believe Nu’est Dejavu had a similar effect on my playlist; I never skipped it and therefore it wound up in my top ten 2018 most played list.

    I am not a Lovelyz stan, but I did wonder why SuJeong gets a whole EP album after Kei’s EP last autumn.

    Which leads me to wonder where is Xeno? Xeno! Lovelyz! I hope he and his are doing OK.

    Also, Solar “Spit it out” has actually grown on me. In my minds eye, I think of it as a lost Mamamoo track post-HIP, because Solar sounds like Hwasa at times on it.


  2. I love this! This kind of pulsating beat is right up my alley and her vocals fit really well. The comparison to “Spit it Out” is interesting but kind of misses the mark imo. Besides the four-on-the-floor kick, they sound nothing alike to me.

    Even on the first listen, Spit it Out’s repetitive chorus became grating to me and now I usually skip after the first half of the song, while Tiger Eyes hasn’t been grating at all after repeated listens, but we’ll see how it weathers over time.


  3. I’m admittedly grading on a curve here but I did not expect a Lovelyz member even capable of delivering this type of groove and/or cool persona. It might not be daring enough on it’s own but when placed against lovelyz’ discography as a whole it really stands out and good for her. It would be easy to go the ballad route and she decided to show a different side, hopefully it works for her.


    • Thank god this wasn’t a ballad! Coming from Sujeong, the sound of Tiger Eyes doesn’t surprise me. She’s always been the member I thought would go for a “cooler” sound. What surprises me more is that Woollim actually gave her a solo!


  4. Eh…..this kind of continuing, beat driven, songs reminded me of hip-hop song. Rap could use a bit more variation in delivery than vocal that’s why it doesn’t get boring as fast, imo.

    It would be great if there’s more peak around the chorus or a switch-up in sound but, i guess it’s solid.


  5. I agree with everyone saying the song could’ve used a little more punch– it’s not a song that I think will get grating for me because Sujeong’s vocal color is just so soothing, but it probably could’ve used something to punch it up a little. I gave it an 8/10 because it’s very good, and I am admittedly a ride-or-die Lovelinus, but could’ve used something a little extra to take it from very good to ‘wow.’ Her mini-album is overall great, though. Tiger Eyes kind of sticks out like a sore thumb on it, but the other songs are so good that you kinda don’t even notice enough to care. Definitely gave me IU vibes so if that’s what you’re into, I’d check it out.


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