Song Review: Agust D – Daechwita

It feels like rumblings of a second Agust D mixtape have been circulating for years now. In case you didn’t know, Agust D is the name BTS’s Suga has taken for his solo work. His first mixtape dropped in the summer of 2016, and boy has a lot happened since then! It’s fitting, then, that Daechwita (대취타) has a bold, swaggering energy to it. He’s earned the right to be braggadocious, even if I personally find these kind of “I’m the best” hip-hop tracks to be a little tiresome.

Daechwita is not the first idol rap track to feature traditional Korean music as a backbone. It’s a tried-and-true formula, and almost always results in a satisfying instrumental. In this case, the production is particularly robust – booming and in-your-face. The clattering percussion that immediately precedes verse one points toward a very unique rhythmic structure, but Daechwita retreats to a more standard trap-rap beat for much of its running time. The traditional elements are omnipresent, but I think they could have taken even greater precedence. Still, I appreciate the overall approach.

When it comes to mixtapes, I’m probably not the best person to offer a critical review. Hip-hop is not my forte, but I know when a groove hits me. Daechwita’s hook hits hard, and is all the stronger for it. However, I’m not a huge fan of the flow during the verses. Apart from a few diversions here and there (mostly in verse two), the whole thing feels a bit repetitive. From what I can gather, that’s kind of the trend in this generation of hip-hop, but for me it gets old real fast. Still, I suppose it matches the track’s boastful nature. Daechwita will surely pump up a lot of fans, and that’s an energy that many of us need right now.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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16 thoughts on “Song Review: Agust D – Daechwita

  1. Are you going to review and rank the latest episode’s performances for Road to Kingdom? Have been following your website for some time and would love to hear your opinion on the performances.


  2. I guessed that this would be your rating based on previous it’s not surprising. The one who is surprised is me fortunately.

    Now I apologize in advance for the rumbling I’m about to do but I have to, bcoz its been a long time since any song has given me the opportunity to do so.

    This song.. oh goodness, I am in love with it.
    I know it isn’t a breakthrough or a revolutionary song but I am totally infatuated with it(which has happened with only 3 tracks this year). This track definitely stood out to me and it was like somebody smacked me(in a good way).

    I am in love with the song, the rap, the layout, the interesting beats & instruments and the swag with which it’s carried by Yoongi. The most surprising thing is that there isn’t any part that I wish wasn’t there or should have been changed and that’s a wonder even for me.

    This is a song that’s perfect when an undefeated but cool villain makes his entry lol.

    And even if I hated the song I will still listen to it because of that mv.. definitely one of my fav mv of this year.. the visuals ,the sets & the execution is breathtaking and that ending..YES.

    I know many people here will just listen & brush it off as a normal release, and I can totally relate..but for unknown reasons, the emotions I felt on listening for the first time were “Finally”, “I missed this”, “that’s why I love K-pop”.

    Coming to the mixtape, I like it didn’t blow me over , but its still good. I love the use of traditional military instruments throughout the mixtape. The songs that stood out to me are People, 28ft niihwa, dear my friend, moonlight. Overall there aren’t any songs on the mixtape that I would feel compelled to skip so its a win.

    Title track score: 9.5
    Mixtape score: 8 – 8.25 (depends on mood)

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    • I’m glad it had such an effect on you! That’s one of the best feelings ever, when a song really connects.

      I’ll agree on the mv. Though the song itself isn’t something I see myself returning to often, the mv is quite cool.

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  3. I am going to be honest here. This song is completely and totally not my style. I have no basis to judge. I do know that I am never going to listen to it again.

    Now the visuals, the video is daebak. They must have used one of the back lots that the broadcast TV companies built for the sageuks. And rented access to the stable of costumes while they were at it. I don’t know what that must have cost BigHit, but it was money well spent. The story line for the video is also great.

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  4. I like the song for the sheer aggressiveness and attitude of it, though it would be better if it had more than trap hi-hats going off in the back. 7.75/8 for me.

    I haven’t checked the lyrics but the rest of the album was really weak sonically. Other than the title track, I only liked the interlude.


    • I don’t want to start a fight but if you haven’t looked at the lyrics of the song yet and only listened to it you’re missing out. Once you get to know the meaning of the songs it makes much more sense. I mean next time I feel like you shouldn’t assume something about the song even though you haven’t read the lyrics because you’re basically ignoring the entire meaning of the song – it’s like this song is sad, well I don’t like it because this this this, but you don’t know what it means. I can’t stress enough that you need to read the lyrics before you judge the songs.


      • I don’t care. If I don’t like a song or an album for its sounds, reading the lyrics won’t change that. Sure I might appreciate it slightly more but if I don’t like it, I won’t listen to it.


  5. I honestly really love this. Rating wise its in the seven range but its the happiest seven I’ll ever give. I’ll probably listen to the mixtape since someone said it was good. Though back on the track its something I would listen to when I burn a slice of toast or have my ice-cream scoop fall off its cone. Beat was nice, really nice, and the chorus was so repetitive but I just couldn’t get enough. As for the verses I thought his flow was mostly strong and I liked the part where he talks about his goals and comes to the realization that there’s nowhere higher for him to go. Then he states that he’s been chasing his dreams for so long he just wants to look down, reflect, and put his feet on the ground.
    as for the music video on thing I want to highlight is how instead of using a bunch of sets they got about three or four and reuse them. They kept the sets fresh by changing the lighting and it was cool how fresh the palace looked in the dark even though we’d already seen it in the beginning. I also thought that the fire starting at 2:43 was a nice touch and gave the video nice progression.

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  6. It’s interesting to see everyone in the comments talking about the MV, which is something I don’t see often on this site, even for the high budget productions we often see from BTS. I guess it made quite an impression. And that makes me happy, as Yoongi is one of my favorite people in kpop and also the whole world 🙂

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  7. Hmmm. I don’t agree with you on that one. I feel like the repetitiveness is purposeful. Like it’s supposed to be on purpose, I feel like It’s just a different style of music and a different angle Yoongi was going for. Even though the verses “didn’t fit well” I think Yoongi knew that and kept it because he has written songs that flow from one thing to another very seamlessly before. So to sum up I think that we all have different opinions about this song but whatever we say, I think that this song is awesome and I think that Yoongi knows what he’s doing.


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