Song Review: Suga – Agust D

Suga - Agust DI’m usually not one to care much for mixtapes. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand why rappers release them. Especially in the idol world, there isn’t often much opportunity for them to carry an entire song. Instead, they’re shoehorned into being one aspect of a track that usually has a lot more going on. Mixtapes shine an unadulterated spotlight on a rapper’s talent. This is why they’re valuable, but it’s also why I don’t enjoy them very much. I always err on the side of melody, especially when it comes to a track’s central hook. Mixtapes don’t usually provide much of that, often omitting the chorus entirely.

Still, being a big fan of BTS’s music, I was curious what Suga would offer on his own. He’s already such a songwriting powerhouse for the group, and their albums often feature songs (or intros) that could have easily been solo opportunities for him. But with Agust D, he’s allowed to go harder than he ever has before. Yes, he can be every bit as agile with his flow as bandmate Rap Monster. We see that particularly during the second verse of Agust D. But, he also possesses an undeniable roughness to his tone, pulling out a more aggressive performance than one would expect from a member of an idol group.

Agust D is all about this side of Suga’s talent. Like many before him, the song trades primarily in bravado. This is a pretty tired focus, and certainly limiting. The cursing and bragging comes off as a little immature and, frankly, below Suga’s considerable skill. That being said, he hits every line incredibly hard, especially during the track’s snarled hook. The production follows suit, offering an intense backbeat that never lets up. It’s a powerful showcase for his undeniable charisma. I was never predisposed to loving a song of this nature, but Agust D is a pleasant surprise. Now onto some more fantastic BTS songs, please!

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.25


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