Song Review: Victon – Mayday

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been blown away by a Victon title track. They strike me as the kind of group that can excel at a variety of concepts, but if I were asked to think of their iconic song or image, I’d come up short. This jack-of-all-trades approach isn’t unique within the idol industry. Still, after Produce X 101 boosted their popularity, I would’ve hoped they’d seek out a signature sound that might set them up well for the long-term. Instead, they’ve produced a variety of moody boy group fare, mostly playing off popular trends.

With this in mind, I think Mayday is their most successful attempt at a darker concept. Yes, there’s a fair amount of trap and needless posturing, but the instrumental has a welcome continuity, hinging on a creeping beat that adds a sinister air to the song. Whether “creeping” or “sinister” is what I’m looking for as we head into summer is another discussion entirely, but at least the track has a clear through line.

Better yet, Mayday hits us with a proper hook that draws upon the group’s vocal blend. There’s something very SM Entertainment about this arrangement – specifically early EXO. It’s a satisfying moment that offers some payoff to the murkier verses. However, I wish that the chorus had been further developed. As Mayday trudges on, it begins to feel unnecessarily repetitive – particularly since its central refrain is an echo of its main instrumental loop. It’s a nice groove, but without much modulation I’m afraid it will grow stale quickly. Still, Mayday has caught my attention – even if only momentarily.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

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15 thoughts on “Song Review: Victon – Mayday

  1. Hmm. It seems it’s not actually as bad as my first impression of it, but my beef with this song is that the chorus actually sounds like a pre-chorus. It leaves me on my toes expecting the big climax that never comes. Even more when it comes on the heels of Howling, which was quite a lot more theatrical.

    It automatically reminded me of this cover by one of the members. Interesting, but rather forgettable in the end:


  2. This may sound harsh but I’ve only ever *really* enjoyed Victon’s debut tracks and everything since has been a bit underwhelming. Their pre-debut song What Time Is It Now still feels like one of their most fleshed-out tracks and I’m Fine was pretty great with the retro vibe and bubbly instrumental…I remember hoping they’d continue down that path but they never did.

    I will agree though this is heading in the right direction even if it doesn’t quite get there! Hopefully they continue to pursue more distinct sounds.


  3. The chorus gets really repetitive, both the lyrics and the melody. Fire off a Mayday. … This is where I usually go on about how “Rock Me Amadeus” repeats the word “Amadeus” … how many times? … but is a much superior song.
    The verses have a few nice turns of phrase here and there, but not enough to lift the clunker of a chorus for me.

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  4. I loved it. I’ve had it on repeat since it came out.
    With that being said, I hope for their next album they try something happier or more colorful, they’ve been releasing sad songs for so long. It’s time for a bright concept.


  5. *Checked* Victon’s comeback went successful for me , we are still far away from having a great June but everything seems to ship sail right now. Twice’s comeback was the opposite of a grower but Victon really transformed this dark concept into something really good to listen to. I mean it has a good hook , good production and I like it sooooooo I give it 8.75


  6. It’s good, smooth and sinister groove is always a nice selling point.

    I wish the “Fire off a mayday” would have been just pre-chorus tho, this song would have been great if it have a proper chorus.


  7. The central hook is good, but it doesn’t do nearly enough with its runtime. Worse than ‘Nostalgic Night’, better than ‘Howling’ for me.

    Also, I feel like the English:Korean ratio is especially skewed towards the former here, which… is always a risky proposition.


  8. The chorus is excessively repetitive, it takes more than 1/3 of the song and it’s basically just another english sentence. But I enjoy how they succeeded in taking the most boring style nowdays and tried to make it their own song with a charismatic performance.


  9. Okay..Honestly,for me Mayday is such a great song but i hope like the chorus can be more catchy, i think like ‘howling’ chorus but i still like it tho..but i also hope that victon can stop doing sad/dark concept after ‘Time of Sorrow’..I hope they can bring back like ‘what time is it now?’,’Eyez Eyez’,’Remember Me’ concept..For Mayday,I will give 8.8..


  10. YES! this gives me EXO Love Shot meets SHINHWA Sniper in many ways, must be the ryan s. jhun production but i think it’s their most attention-grabbing title yet


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