Buried Treasure: Twice – Sweet Summer Day

Most of the time, a k-pop group’s title track is the best song on their album. But, sometimes b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Though not as strong or consistent as either of their 2019 mini albums, Twice’s More & More is better than the title track that bears its name. However, many of its highlights are just solid examples of current trends. At some point, deep house beats and pitched vocals grow a bit stale, and it takes a really strong melody to revitalize them. I don’t know that many of those melodies exist across the length of this album, so my buried treasure is going to be something more timeless.

I don’t write about them often, but one of my absolute favorite K-pop styles is the “breezy summertime girl group bop.” I’m talking about tracks like Sistar’s Loving U, I Swear or Shake It. Girl’s Day’s Darling. Bestie’s Hot Baby. It’s not a style we hear all that often anymore, and I miss it dearly. Sweet Summer Day may not stack up to that illustrious competition, but it’s in the same vein.

First off, I’ll always love a little New Jack Swing. It’s an especially refreshing style in today’s trap-driven climate, and a surprisingly nice match for Twice. But beyond genre labels, Sweet Summer Day is just a classic pop song. You get the sense that it could be performed with any style of production and still be a success. The melody never twists itself to match a deep house drop or hip-hop breakdown. It’s not beholden to the instrumental, and I like that. Instead, Day is frothy fun, taking advantage of the girls’ charisma to craft an endearing ode to sunshine and frolics on the beach. It may only be a slight triumph within Twice’s ever-expanding discography, but in 2020 I’ll take what I can get!

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

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19 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: Twice – Sweet Summer Day

      • What a journey, from a group sounding nothing like anything JYP to a rapping faster, inferior vocal better instrumental GOT7


      • It has been confirmed that this is just a b-side/intro. The title track is “God’s Menu”. So you can breathe a sigh of relief now lol.

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    • Well, so far, it has a few things going for it: the deep Felix bass voice, all sorts of clattery percussion, that depth charge pinging sound. But the overall impression, so far, … … … … … oh man we have already heard 1:21 of it haven’t we? My face, its making all sorts of faces.

      There is always the Super Junior KRY “debut album” coming out on the 8th June, and the teaser sounds exactly as expected: a ballad with superior vocals. At least someone isn’t going dark on us.

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      • Honestly all I want is “Monster” can be up there with Taemin “Want” or BoA “Woman” calibre, not anything Baekyun releases.

        Also ban LOOPD from doing a haste comeback with tropical house before summer ends.


        • I don’t think this track is the title track. Normally when Stray Kids release their unviel tracks they don’t usually start with the title track. In the Yellow Wood era they revealed the title track at the end. And a few fans were telling me the title track would be titled: God’s Menu

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          • Also I think this might be the intro to the album. Thats means that they already showed us the whole track and that there is no chorus. Another reason I beleive this is the intro trakc is because there are two very similar spit-fire rap sequnces in the same verse. Normally groups tend to save the repetition for the second verse. As for the track I think it would work great for an intro I’m just not sold on the slower parts. But if it is the whole track or it’s the title track then I might start to worry

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  1. Yes, Nick is a sucker for that New Jack Swing. It makes all the cheerleader chants sounds just whoosh, fade into pleasant chirps.
    OK I’ll be honest, it sounds like two songs in a brilliant mashup. It sounds like a 90’s new jack swing song that someone figured out had the same or close enough chord changes, peeled off the Twice vocals off a 2nd song, and slapped on top like an ooey open melty cheese sandwich. Does it work? Well, it works well enough to make Nick happy, so all is well in the world for a moment.

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  2. I was hoping you’d pick Firework but this is also understandable. Really every song on this mini is better than the title but even that is growing on me more, even if still not among my favorites.


  3. Oh damn! I was hoping Make Me Go would be your buried treasure! That track to me, was half-Taemin, half-Vixx Black out, and sounds nothing like Twice has done in the past. That sinister bass throughout the whole track was a winner.

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  4. I would have thought your Buried Treasure would be Firework or Make Me Go (my top tracks of the album), but this track is at least a 7 for me.


  5. Oh I saw this one coming because it’s the most pure pop song on the album. This and Make Me Go are the highlights for me.


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