Song Review: N.Flying – Oh Really.

Idol rock group N.Flying have been absent since last October, when they released the groovy, understated Good Bam. Personally, I’ve been waiting for them to return to a more raucous sound. For me, the one-two punch of The Real and Hot Potato remains their defining era, even though the more straightforward Rooftop was the song to bring them universal acclaim. New single Oh Really. (아 진짜요.) plays things down the middle, and winds up dangerously close to middle-of-the-road.

Oh Really’s sing-song melody reminds me of something we’d hear from YG Entertainment – specifically, a Winner track. I’m generally not a fan of sing-song structures, but the approach matches N.Flying’s goofy energy. My knowledge of Korean is very minimal, but 진짜요 has always been a favorite phrase of mine. It’s one of those expressions that perfectly articulates its meaning just by the sound of it, and it’s almost impossible to say without some sort of animated inflection.

Linguistics aside, I think Oh Really is just alright. It aims for the fun irreverence of N.Flying’s 2017-18 material, but the track is a little too repetitive for its own good. On the plus side, the song is stuffed with hooks. Even though the instrumental rarely rises above a satisfying strum, there are no dull moments to be found. The rap and vocals are integrated well together, giving both Seunghyub and Hweseung time to shine. As usual, the latter steals the show via an explosive pre-chorus that hints at a more anthemic sound I wish Oh Really had explored further. Instead, we’ve got a nice pre-summer bop. It’s a genial piece of pop music that will probably age just fine despite its lack of verve.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

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14 thoughts on “Song Review: N.Flying – Oh Really.

  1. Wow what a creative light-stick commercial. All jokes aside I think the song is great and I love how it treads the line between playful and melodramatic. I just wish the track had more impact or was catchier. Shout out to the vocals of the guy with purple hair and the M.V.P. has to be that scrumptious light-stick.

    Also Stray Kids unveiled a new track today. I thought the chorus was great and can’t wait to hear it with the rapping. I’m just not fully sold on the opening instrumental but everything else is very strong. So far the album looks great but I’m very sad that God’s menu is less than 3 minutes making it the shortest Stray Kids title track. But then maybe it’ll be like Miroh with only two choruses and knockout verses to leave the listener satisfied enough.

    And Seventeen released a map and announced their summer comeback! The mini album is titled [Heng:garæ]: Journey of Youth. The map was made out of bright colors and this leads me to believe that Seventeen will release a bright and breezy summer hit which could possibly be the song of the year! Or maybe I’m just being overly optimistic


  2. It’s a simple song, but oh boy was I craving for something that had an actual melody. It reminds me of that one Big Bang song, so I guess it imitates the YG sound, but in this case it’s a compliment to the song.
    It could’ve been better, but I’ll take it as it is. Probably one of the best comebacks this year so far just because it’s a simple, nice, fun, energetic song.

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    Golden Child is coming back at 23rd June , This Site’s Ult Group is coming back on 23rd.
    I think it won’t be a dark concept and I hope it won’t. Now , let’s talk about how June is gonna be a good month because GOLDEN CHILD IS COMING BACK!!

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    • I, of course, share your enthusiasm! But, I’m tempering it with a healthy dose of “don’t set your hopes too high,” which is pretty much what I do for every K-pop song now — even the ones by my absolute favorite groups.


      • I guess your right , I mean K-pop has gone that low that we shouldn’t get excited even when are favorite k-pop groups are coming back


  4. really enjoyed this cb! i loved pretty much everything they released so far but I’m glad they’re back on the more upbeat path (at least music wise, cause those lyrics sure don’t sound cheerful haha).

    also hweseung’s pink hair is really cute!


  5. What did you think about their japanese single Amnesia from May ? I enjoyed it more than Oh Really but the latter is enjoyable too. I hope their mini album will give us some nice surprises.


  6. Recently I have much preferred the NFlying Japanese releases for their spunk more reminiscent of the Hot Potato era, but they are unfortunately made of an alloy know as Unobtanium. I will take this one in the meantime.

    Yoo Hwe Sung has become a regular appearing on all the Serious Singing shows (eg Immortal songs and such), it seems like one a month. Kid can sing circles around almost all others. My humble opinion, he is best singer of whatever generation we are in right now. He did a JYP cover for a theme show that made a JYP song sound actually good. Another recent one ‘

    Also worth noting he has already done his military service, so while the rest of NFlying rotate through, YHS will still be on all the Serious Singing shows.


    • I waited for you to comment for me to ask this question: What is your favorite B-side and Title Track from N.flying?
      While I was trying to listen to One Minute Back , I never bought premium so I was shuffled somewhere else and that was N.flying’s song “The Real” man , I love that song sooooooo much can you give me some recommendations for bet b-side and title since you know them so well


      • So, besides the one-two punch of “The Real” and “Hot Potato”, they released an OST called “So Pretty” that is a nice funk song right up Nick’s alley. I let “Good Bam” title song from last October pass me by at the time, and I don’t know why, which is also a nice but low key funk groove, although the B-side “4242” off the same album is a far better song.

        I am also a sucker for their old stuff, pre-YHS, “Awesome” and “Lonely”, which sound so 2015, but that is OK.

        FInally, for YHS himself there is “Still Love You” with Lee Hong Gi of FTIsland, who wrote it. Or more properly Lee Hong Gi with Yoo Hwe Sung, but YHS steals the show. Since LHG is off inn military service, YHS has sung it solo more than few times live and knocks it out of the park. Besides some youtubers to mixed results, no one has yet covered this on a Serious Singing Show, but maybe someday someone like Sohyang will, because only someone like she could.

        whoa whoa wait – when did “Kick Ass” Japanese release become Obtanium on itunes! Whoo hoo! check out “Kick Ass” too.


  7. Pretty late, but I’m surprised this is rated as low as it is. I completely understand how you (and most commenters, it seems) feel about it, but I find the melody really addictive and it’d probably be an 8.5 or 9 for me. There’s a vibe to it that puts it a bit higher on my list than forgettable summer pop. Solid album, too! Could just be my band bias jumping out.


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