Summer of K-Pop


There are few things I enjoy more than a great summertime song. They’re bright, they’re exciting, and they remind me of my favorite time of the year.

There’s no telling what this summer in K-pop will bring, but over the next few weeks I’ll be flashing back each day, showcasing a highlight from past summers. The rules are simple: I fire up my carefully compiled “K-pop summer” playlist, hit ‘shuffle,’ and if the song that pops up hasn’t already been featured on the site, it gets a post and mini-review of its own.

So, get ready for a summer of K-pop on The Bias List!

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ONF – Original (2017)

Original was known to ONF fans even before the group’s debut, and acts as a perfect calling card for the sound they would bring to K-pop. Grooving on a percolating electronic rhythm, the track has a nimble drive that remains consistent throughout its entire run. The chorus is a particular highlight, hinging on an exceptional synth loop that’s echoed by the group’s own catchy refrain. The percussion works its way into a glorious frenzy, generating incredible energy as Original barrels toward its standout rap bridge and explosive finale. Though never promoted as a title track, it remains one of the group’s very best songs.

 Hooks 9
 Production 10
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10


7 thoughts on “SUMMER OF K-POP: ONF – Original

  1. Something about the synth used in the chorus reminds me of african music, I don’t know why. that loop is impossible to not dance to


  2. I remember listening to this album almost every day in the second half of 2018. I haven’t listened to this song since, but as soon as I read the title I clearly remembered the chorus. There was a dance party in my head right away and if that isn’t a sign of a good chorus I don’t know what is.

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  3. Definitely my favourite onf b-side. It’s just impossible not to dance along to this song the moment it starts.

    Kinda reminded me of how i don’t actually hate beat drop chorus that much, it’s just needs to be climatic/catchy enough and it still works great.

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    • I’m pretty anti-drop in general as well, but I maintain that the key to a solid drop is creating an instrumental that doesn’t take itself too too seriously. It’s okay if the song is in a serious style, but the drop has to have a good level of momentum and fun. A song being dark and/or moody still doesn’t excuse full-on lethargy! See: Stray Kids’ Miroh/Side Effects, iKON’s Killing Me, basically anything by Seventeen that includes this chorus type. That’s just my perspective, though, and I don’t claim it’s the only factor! Just the main one for me.

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