Song Review: Hwasa (Mamamoo) – LMM

Mamamoo’s Hwasa has a really groovy track on her new mini album called Why. It would have made a great single, but she seems intent on embracing a more introspective route this time around. Though it was draped in the trendy musical trappings of this era, title track Maria was essentially a song written to herself. Follow-up LMM continues to explore this more vulnerable side.

Help me out here, because I swear I’ve heard parts of LMM’s melody before. Its chorus, in particular, seems to be ripped straight from a popular song by a western artist, but I can’t put my finger on what it is. Either way, there’s a real familiarity to LMM’s dramatic piano-and-strings arrangement. It has the air of a big “pop artist” moment, where the performer pulls back the curtain on all the glitz and glam and “gets real.” I’ve got nothing against this particular tact, but it demands a very good song to back up the emotion.

LMM is half there, but never builds to something truly transcendent. The melody is deceptively simple, made more unique by Hwasa’s vocal performance. Over the past few years, she’s moved into this kind of mumble-singing style, where it almost sounds like she’s swallowing her words as they’re coming out. I don’t yet know how I feel about this, but at least it lends her work some individual character. She lets loose for a few traditional power notes during LMM’s climax, and is particularly effective when she moves up to her head voice. Other than that, LMM is kind of one-note all the way through. It has an appealing heft to it, but feels more personal to the artist than inviting to the listener.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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8 thoughts on “Song Review: Hwasa (Mamamoo) – LMM

  1. .

    The verse is as basic as it gets: C D E F E D C, then Bb. So its every nursery rhyme ever.

    The chorus sounds like something Sia or Gaga or Pink (or their co-writers) would write. Or as you say, some Big Moment (manufactured) for some pop star to have a Moment on a stage. See: Demi Lovato. Ooh, arrows, symbolism. Oooh, Violins, must be deep.

    Someone is going to make this into a duet on a live singing show (qv 2nd verse light harmony), and all the fans will gush and try to make it go viral.

    OK, I keed, it isn’t bad, its OK, the fans will love it and that is fine by me. But it falls into the bucket of Big Song, as expected right on cue, and I am in a mood this week, and songs on cue meeting expectations rather than exceeding expectations don’t cut it for me right now.

    OT: The arrows remind me of the scene in Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood” with Toshiro Mifume. This MV makes me want to go back and watch old Kurosawa, so there is that. ‘

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    • Yep. It isn’t the same exact song, but it is really really really closely inspired by it. Gaga’s song is of course superior for its emotional depth and a more expansive vocal performance.

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      • Glad that someone also felt this too! I found myself humming the chorus, and suddenly it naturally transitioned to Million Reasons haha!


  2. One of those adult contemporary song, eh? It will probably be hailed as art for impactful imagery and lyrics.

    Too bad, i’m not a big fan of songs that are all about mood and meanings. I don’t think i could remember any part of the melody after hearing it


  3. I appreciate what she’s trying to do but it’s nothing new. Why would have made a better single, especially in the middle of July.


  4. actualllyyy meee tooo, the intro really thrilling meee like where i heard this beforeeeee….. and i dont know why its kind a look like pink i am here , the main song but its put in intro at hwasa song


  5. Honestly LMM is my go to song when i feel down or upset, It just has that re-assuring vibe i guess? In terms of vocals she does have quite a few high notes but its quite monotone. Nothing against that because i feel that it brings a sense of loneliness and depth into the song as a whole. The lyrics themselves arent emotional but the way she sings them really makes them seem melancholy. Why would definitely be more popular with fans tho and i can see why.


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