Song Review: Misako Uno (AAA) – Stand UP!

Today is AAA soloists day on The Bias List, as two of the group’s members have new material to write about. Given the fact that the group is going on indefinite hiatus soon, I expect we’ll see much more music like this in the future. As AAA’s sole remaining female vocalist, Misako Uno hasn’t been able to shine as much in their more recent music. But, she has an instantly recognizable tone, and puts that to good use on new single Stand UP.

Stand UP is a fun, synth-fueled summer dance track with a relentless sense of optimism buoyed by its brisk tempo and bright instrumentation. There’s a hint of current trends mixed within a few of its segments, but otherwise this could have been released any time in the last few decades. I’m especially partial to its verses, which have a rhythmic groove that’s heightened by a sprightly melody and a welcome dose of bass guitar. Misako’s airy vocal gives the track plenty of texture and instant summertime appeal.

The song’s chorus is a bit simpler than I’d like, but has enough melodic variation to make the repeated lyric more exciting. It helps that the refrain is buttressed by a surge of layered backing vocals and subtle hints of brass. It’s an expected recipe during this time of year, but satisfying nonetheless. Misako’s expressive performance ties it all together, adding a spark that’s unique to her.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

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