Song Review: Rocket Punch – Juicy

Those who have followed The Bias List for any amount of time will know what an enormous fan of Woollim Entertainment I am. From Infinite to Lovelyz to Golden Child, I’m usually enamored with what the agency produces. But, I’m really struggling with Rocket Punch. Thus far, their music seems to lack many of the hallmarks I associate with Woollim’s roster: powerful vocals, compelling melodies, timeless sounds. They’re the most trend-focused group the agency has ever debuted, and most of those trends aren’t for me.

February’s Bouncy was a great pop song, slightly marred by its execution. I know these girls are young, and targeting that shouty, youthful sound that seems to be popular this year. I’ll fully admit that I’m not the target audience. But while that song ended up being a highlight despite its worst instincts, I can barely make it through new single Juicy.

It’s astonishing to think that this song was composed by the same team that delivered those classic, early-Gfriend melodies (Rough, Navillera, Me Gustas Tu, etc). Juicy hinges instead on cutesy playground chants, delivered with brash vocal tones that grate from the very first moment. Pitched as a summer song, Juicy incorporates a few seasonal effects. Its pre-chorus is supported by a neat vocal arrangement, but that’s about the only strength I can pull from this annoying little ditty. Most of its instrumental is lifeless, merging trap beats with synth flourishes that have no identity of their own. The chorus is nothing short of obnoxious, fusing a sing-song nursery rhyme melody to an equally irritating repetition of “juicy juicy juicy juicy juicy.” This is K-pop at its most infantile, and wastes whatever potential Rocket Punch may have. Woollim, what are you thinking?

 Hooks 6
 Production 6
 Longevity 6
 Bias 5
 RATING 5.75

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38 thoughts on “Song Review: Rocket Punch – Juicy

  1. I don’t say this often (especially about Woolim groups) but…..

    C R I N G E

    This is like the biggest downgrade since A.C.E went from Undercover to Savage.

    Now I’m highkey scared about the Lovelyz comeback cause it’s supposedly a “brand new mature concept”. And as far as history has told us, that’s never been a good thing (ok maybe bar Apink).

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  2. I usually can handle the cuteness and those aegyo voices that you can’t but even for me this waaaay too much. I enjoyed their 1st mini so this was a big disappointment. 5/10 at best.


  3. .
    WHAT NOOOO! I think this is great. Oh today is a good day for me!

    How is it that me non-GG stan to the nth degree love this while y’all don’t.

    Is this like the Great Fromis Fun Divide, 2020 edition?

    Here is my glowing review: This song knows exactly what it wants to be, and then delivers on it. And the girls deliver a mighty fine performance teasing the line between full voice and aegyo.

    A large part of it sounds like Red Velvet but that isn’t a bad thing! Besides the obvious fruit references, there are the really tight verse harmonies. Then the na na na repeats as a choral instrumental highlight starting at 0:52 and repeated here and there. There are parts which mimic the ice cream truck bell nickelodeon effects of “Ice Cream Cake”, enough to be an homage but not a copy. Its like they took every Red Velvet summer hit ever, threw it in a blender, and came out with something that was actually quite good. Hey wow imagine that.

    Ooh and hey wow the chorus is fully sung and not a drop! The chorus does interesting and intriguing turns 1:09 and 1:12, and then gets punctuated by those Juice Juice Juice lines. Best of all, the beat is persistent and insistent – the beat keeps up the whole time even through a lite rap verse.

    This sounds like bottled energy. Bouncy Bouncy was my go-to in the car when I needed a pick me up, and now I have a 1 2 punch from Rocket Punch. Well done, young ladies!

    I also loved Fromis Fun.

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      • I think we just have different taste, because when you describe it as a children’s advert for ice cream that already makes my ears bleed! hahaa

        I’m one of those people who reaches for the volume button as soon as those sort of adverts come on!

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    • I thought I was the only one who felt Red Velvet’s vibe. Regarding the song, it’s not my favorite, but it’s a summer song so I didn’t expect that much. From Rocket Punch I’m left with “Love is Over” and “So solo”.


    • I thought I would be the only one who liked this song 🙂 Normally I’m not the biggest fan of overly cute concepts but I absolutely love this song. It’s infantile in the best possible way, the melodies are really nice and it’s stuck in my head after just 1 listen.

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  4. This is… it doesn’t offend me nearly as much as it does you, but it also doesn’t interest me nearly as much as Bouncy does. And you say this is Iggy Youngbae? This is bafflingly faceless, but they seem to be stuck in a rut as of late…


  5. This is one where I really don’t know how to feel. I love Rocket Punch’s music (Bim Bam Bum was my favorite debut of last year aside from ITZY and Bouncy is one of my favorite titles of this year), and I feel like this song is true to their sound (at least the cuter side of it) while also having a fun, summery vibe.

    However, the chorus is pretty dry. In the comments of one of their teaser videos, someone speculated that Juicy would have two choruses like BBB, and so I guess I was destined to be disappointed from the start since the prospect of that happening made me a lot more excited than I should’ve been. I really love the intro and the verses though, as they recall Bouncy’s brash sweetness in all the right ways. Who knows, maybe the rest of the song will grow on me… I truly hope it does, because it would be a fun guilty pleasure for the end of the summer.

    The album, however, is great. The b-sides make Juicy look unfit to be the title, and their choruses have a lot more life and summertime verve. Some I would even go as far to say are comparable to WJSN’s iconic For the Summer album. All in all, I think it was a fairly successful comeback, even if the title track didn’t work out as well as I wanted it too.


  6. Bouncy was so good!

    I agree with you on this one, even rating wise. I think the biggest problem for me was that chorus… [shudders].


  7. Woah I didn’t expect you’ll rank this song very low! I have to agree though, rocket punch is too trend focused. Ever since bim bam bum (though I love the song), I had my doubts about it being able to pull off what the other woollim artists did.

    The song is… too simple for its own good. If by standalone, I can like it but bouncy being a predecessor, I can’t help but dislike it. It’s too simple and weak as a follow up for such a strong song, not to forget how juicy felt messy as well.

    *sigh* I expected better from you, woollim

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  8. That was so… weak. People may not like BBB and Bouncy, but you can’t deny they have something about them. Juicy, though, is nothing but Juicy. It doesn’t even sound like a title track. I’m sad.

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  9. OK, fine so it is just me, I shall go off to my happy place and play my happy songs, all to myself, and be happy.

    Darling daughter thought it was cute, and their outfits were cute. Sonny boy couldn’t figure out why they kept saying “Juice juice juice, why not fruit fruit fruit punch, mom”, this is also the boy who thought Weki Meki Picky Picky was way too picky picky.

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    • Nope, I am with you.
      I didn’t found the cutesy act unbearable here compared to many others… Infact it felt like a song cute girls would sing naturally(difficult to explain).
      Also compared to some songs Nick have rated 6.5 or above… I was surprised to find the rating below 6.

      It’s not like I’m blown away by the song or anything, but it feels surprisingly refreshing amidst the current releases for unknown reason.

      Joosh,joosh, joosh.

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  10. I don’t know to which extent this review will be biased because they’re my ult group but the song isn’t as bad as it makes it seem. From the very start the riff, the bubble popping sound, the ‘juice juice juice juice juice’ open the song up with a refreshing feel which is their goal. I wouldn’t call the instrumentals lifeless: the same string riff of the intro coupled with a catchy brass and a lot of changes in the percussions keeps it interesting so that it doesn’t cause a sensation of ‘already heard that 100 times’ and the everchanging tones the song goes through while maintaining the same vibe keeps the instrumentals really fun and enjoyable, bringing a really summer sound.

    Their vocals, although kept in a higher pitch as the girls said they wanted to go for a more ‘cutesy’ type of song, it doesn’t feel forced or unpleasant due to the fact that they’re tied to a melody and harmony that takes advantage of that to deliver a strong impression to the listener and keep the high energies this song brings.

    The pre-chorus, just like ‘Bouncy’ paves the way for the explosive chorus with a great performance. And then it hits, it hits like a bright summer punch (it’s strange to say as it’s also one of their b-sides), the flow and momentum the both manage to keep and also bring to the songis really great.

    Then, there’s the bridge, probably my favorite part of the whole track, which happens right after the chorus, the punch of the song. They slow down the beat and in doing so they busts us out first with a really catchy part to then relax us a little bit just before the last chorus, which the culmination of all the energy the track brings to finish the song off.

    I do admit the verses are quite forgettable, when writing this I listened to the song for at least like 8 times and even now I don’t remember much of them. This song seems to be a really divisive one and I can see why. But the whole album is really great!! From the groovy ‘Summer Punch’ to the beautiful vocals and composition of ‘Twinkle Star’, I personally think the album as a whole, even if you didn’t like ‘Juicy’ will be a really good experience.


    • I rarely say this, but Juicy is easily the worst song on the whole album, including the intro! Twinkle Star or Summer Punch would have made for infinitely better singles. It honestly blows my mind. I mean, Summer Punch even ties into the group’s theme. It’s such an obvious choice!

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  11. Listened to it on YT first and was disappointed — I thought it was an alright song, but after listening to it on premium Spotify I actually like it better. I think I would give it a barely 7. Still not a fan of the repetitive “juice” though.

    But also I’m now listening to Summer Punch and it’s actually great? Why is this not the title track, Woollim…???

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  12. The The or Summer Punch buried treasure, I’m calling it! I like The The more though, it has an ‘ITZY’ feel to it and is at times more melodically unpredictable.


  13. For what this song is, just another ephemeral cheesy bubblegum summer bop, it fits the bill perfectly. I dig it!

    From a production standpoint, some interesting choices were made which were really unexpected for this type of track, my favorite of which is the way the volume of the backing track modulates pretty much throughout the entire song. Trippy stuff!

    Actually, with a bit more spit and polish this song could have been a decent Red Velvet track (runs and hides)…

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    • When I first listened to the Juicy teasers, I was already excited but then the whole song just surpassed those expectations even more. This is already one of my favorite 2020 releases. The whole song is so refreshing. I can get what you’re saying though in your review, though. I just feel like they really suited this song and it was well produced. It was a nice break from the other really high budget high production noisy songs recently (which are still great) but I think the simplicity worked towards Juicy’s advantage. I do have to say, the little Juice breakdown in the chorus I could’ve done without, but the rest of the song (especially the prechorus with the fun background vocals) is gonna stick with me.

      Great review!


    • Sorry I didn’t mean to reply to this comment my bad, but I also agree with your comment! I like how they saw a concept they wanted and just fill out went for it.


  14. i didn’t get this one either, probably owing to high expectations crashing to the ground…but i could roll with Fun – at least it was bizarre enough to be interesting


  15. Really hope their next comeback redeems them. I still have really low expectations even though I’ve seen the teasers.


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