Song Review: JO1 – Oh-Eh-Oh

Japan’s first season of Produce 101 spawned boy group JO1, who made their debut this March with their single Infinity. For me, that song amounted to little more than a checklist of boy group tropes, but it did quite well for the guys. Now, they’re back with the bigger, ballsier Oh-Eh-Oh. Co-produced by Pentagon’s Hui, this feels like a leap forward for JO1.

Oh-Eh-Oh is much more confident and focused in its sound, and that goes a long way toward painting JO1 as a convincing group of their own, rather than simply the product of a survival series. The song finds Hui in full Energetic/Sha La La mode. He pulls the driving electronic beat from both of those tracks and makes it even beefier, injecting a heavy dose of rock guitar that’s particularly dynamic as the song reaches its finale. Oh-Eh-Oh is as much shouting as it is singing, which hinders its ability to settle on an engaging melody. But given the unrelenting energy of its instrumental, I think this structure works.

Oh-Eh-Oh’s second verse is particularly rowdy. Like so many K-pop tracks this past year, it surrenders to half-time for a moment. But, this allows for a bombastic injection of guitar that works well within the context of the existing production. JO1 prove themselves up to the task, delivering a searing performance that matches the intensity swirling around them. Apart from the J-drama music video, Oh-Eh-Oh borrows much more heavily from K-pop than J-pop. But, that’s been JO1’s approach since the beginning. And this time, their music has eclipsed many recent releases from their Korean peers.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75



14 thoughts on “Song Review: JO1 – Oh-Eh-Oh

  1. Geez, i did not expect it to be that good. I really enjoyed the bounce of the instrumental during the verses and i like the vocals as well. The “Oh Eh Oh” was slightly cringe but im definitely willing to look past that.

    Super random question : do you prefer SF9 Go High or SVT HIT? They are so similar imo.


  2. this is surprisingly sooo good! it makes me scratch my head why every pentagon thing from Dr. BeBe to Road to Kingdom (re-makes and final songs) have been so baaad, but Hui can make amazing tracks like this.

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  3. This song was a surprise coming after Infinity, it’s really enjoyable! I’ve been playing it since the short live version came out earlier this month. I like how each chorus has a new section added, but I think the best part of the song is the future bass drop for the “oh eh oh” prechorus.

    Any chance of a buried treasure for the mini? They surprised me again by also sneaking some good pop tracks on it this time around, Go is SHINee-styled SM funk and My Friends is the song that sounds like it could be an actual Japanese hit/karaoke staple (Written by one of the members, too!)


  4. Yes! I loved the preview of the track and I’m glad it held up. This track really sounds like and Energetic rehash but at this point I really don’t care. It’s amazing and I really hope this energetic sound can become a hallmark for JO1!


  5. This feels much less like straight up kpop than Mugendai did. Its a lot more fun, and I really like the second half of the chorus.

    I know you mentioned before that you’ve been slowly getting in Hello! Project, I was wondering if you’ll be looking at either of the A-sides off of Angerme’s upcoming release at all?


    • Mirror Mirror popped into my feed a couple weeks ago and I didn’t particularly care for it, but somehow I totally missed A Limited Moment.

      I just gave a listen to the song and I like it a lot! It might be a little late to do a review now, but I may still write something up if there’s a slow release day in the near future. Thanks for bringing the song to my attention.


  6. I finally got around to this. I wish we had someone like a Kevin from ReacttotheK to give us an education on all the interesting chromaticism going on in here, someone who can tell us “nice Phrygian” or whatever it is. I can hear Kevin saying something like “instead of doing a simple E minor diminish, they turned it to a E minor raised 7th with a diminish on the 4th” or whatever.

    Nice song, more going on than most and yet it still fits into the contemporary Jpop gestalt.

    I am not a fan of the video, all the bullying going on.


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