Song Review: Kim Yohan – No More

Like Jeon Somi, Kang Daniel and Jang Wonyoung, Kim Yohan placed first on his season of Produce 101, becoming the center of short-lived boy group X1. And like those other victors, his notoriety has led to a big presence in Korean media. For Yohan, that has mostly transferred to acting roles (or at least the prospect of acting roles), though he’s poised to re-debut in the upcoming boy group WEi. Before that, he’s dropped his first solo single No More.

No More is one of those singles that comes tagged with a producer credit, hoping that big-name, behind-the-scenes clout will lend it more interest and credibility. And to be fair, Zion.T is a pretty big name. Though he’s not as prolific as he used to be, his music is still very well-regarded by the general public. And, he gives No More a quirky sound, more diverse than it first appears.

The track opens as a simple mid-tempo, powered by an interesting instrumental loop that almost feels as if it’s playing backwards. The chorus injects a bit of funk guitar for a robust texture, while the second verse takes us into more melodic territory after offering a quick rap break. This moment, where the instrumental opens up with more elongated synth lines, is my favorite part of the track. However, I’m not sure that this general sound is a good match for Yohan. His voice feels much more suited to pop than r&b, and No More really needs a weightier performance to give it the kind of groove the instrumental is searching for. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of group WEi ends up being. Will they embrace this style of hip-hop/r&b as well? Or, is No More a one-off?

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


14 thoughts on “Song Review: Kim Yohan – No More

  1. There are times like these when I still have hope for kpop. This kid can sing! Kim Jae Hwan can sing! Somehow in at least these two survival shows, at the end of the day, kids who can sing, won!

    This is a cute song. It has a lot of goodies, and an actual melody. And the instrumental which shifts here and there underneath the melody. Its not an ambitious melody, but it is cute. Who knows, maybe this will blow up as a feel good song like Zico “Any Song” did back in January.

    “Almost feels like its playing backwards”, hah! lol!


  2. This is a cute song. So cute! That’s all I can think of. Yohan is just so so charming in this MV, you can really see why he was #1 on Produce. For that reason, I think this song suits him, even if it’s not a great for him vocally like Nick said, the vibe is cute and youthful like Yohan himself.

    That said, I feel terrible for Yohan still… it feels like all of his luck ran out after filming Produce. He was injured right at the beginning of X1’s debut, so he couldn’t even dance onstage for 99% of their performances. X1 disbanded in January and Yohan’s drama got canned in April… so it’s kind of hard to hear him singing “I can’t take it no more”….

    WEi is due to attract a lot of attention– having Yohan would be a huge draw on its own but all of the other members have been on survival shows and I believe 2 of them are ex-1the9 members. Hopefully this will be enough to get Yohan’s year, and even his career back on track…!


    • Yeah, you’ve gotta feel for the guy. I’m sure this isn’t at all how he expected things to turn out. I’m looking forward to hearing what WEi come up with. Hopefully they emerge with their own sound and style that suits the members.


  3. I agree with that vocally, Yohan isn’t a match for the song, but personality he carries the song to the finish line.

    “Will they embrace this style of hip-hop/r&b as well?” Considering WEi will also have Kim Donghan who I enjoy a lot as a soloist, especially Focus, Daehyeon who was in Rainz, and the two 1the9 members I think they will be quite dance/performance based tbh. I’m really hoping for a good debut seeing that Treasure gave a dud.


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