Song Review: Moonbin & Sanha (Astro) – Bad Idea

As soon as I heard that Astro’s Moonbin and Sanha were debuting as a sub-unit, my first inclination was to hope for an opportunity to revisit the more upbeat material from their debut year. You know me… always looking for more bright, uptempo pop music! But as usual, placing specific expectations on a song before you’ve even heard it is recipe for disaster and disappointment. Thankfully, while Bad Idea isn’t quite the jolt of youthful energy I might have hoped for, it’s the funkiest the guys have sounded in a while.

So far, September has been a good month for funk-oriented K-pop. Just as the weather is starting to turn, the industry seems intent on unleashing jams more suited to the summer season. Bad Idea has a much fresher sound than I expected, and hinges on Moonbin and Sanha’s surprisingly robust vocal blend. When I think “vocalist” in Astro, my mind immediately goes to MJ. But, these two forge a potent partnership, excelling on their own but really bringing the excitement when they perform in unison.

Bad Idea is driven by a generous dose of rhythm guitar that keeps the track moving at a clip. Like Stray Kids’ comeback today, the production makes good use of bass. But, it doesn’t stop there. The instrumental has a refreshing fullness to it, augmented by filters that give the final product a retro sheen. Things really heat up as we enter Bad Idea’s effusive pre-chorus, which acts as an unexpected centerpiece before dropping into a slinkier, more subdued hook. Smartly, this is topped off by a second refrain that brings back a sense of momentum. But Bad Idea’s most pleasant surprise is its second verse, which forgoes unnecessary breakdowns in favor of an ultra-rhythmic arrangement that keeps the energy up. More of this, please!

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75



17 thoughts on “Song Review: Moonbin & Sanha (Astro) – Bad Idea

  1. To me it sounds like a mashup of SF9 “Good Guy” from Jan’20 and SuJu D&E B.A.D. from a few weeks ago.
    Maybe with a better bass line, I will grant that.

    It is not a high 8 for me.

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  2. Maybe its the fact I never got into Astro, but this feels like every funk-wannabe song this month, not unique like YooA’s Diver or the Jackson funk classics of lore, I guess it is a 7.25-ish for me.

    I may look over it for the next mini-song review, but probably not gonna get a full review.

    I cannot believe I am saying this, but funk/retro/bass are all kinda getting over saturated and lacking impact…….

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  3. I’m actually enjoying this. I didn’t have high expectations from this, knowing that they would just go with another dark concept (just like any groups this 2020). But man, seeing a member of monotree working on it, I really anticipated it. Surprisingly, I wasn’t disappointed.

    That bass reminded of works like nuest w’s deja vu and golden child’s one, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. They could have elevated the song into a greater climax that I’ve been thirsting, but somehow in this one, it works.

    Rating’s a bit high I think, but it’s okay. This song’s more of an 8.5 for me.

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  4. Once again I am so glad you reviewed this, because I wouldn’t have gone and looked it up myself. I love Astro, but haven’t listened to them much since they turned to the moody side. This is the kind of stuff I gave up hoping for.

    The funky, but subdued style kindof reminds me of Crazy, Sexy, Cool. That chorus on it’s own would have been very disappointing, but surrounded by this beautiful prechorus and postchorus (second chorus?) it just works.

    Moonbin and Sanha have very distinct voices, but they work well together.
    Maybe it’s just because my expectations were low, but I am very pleasantly surprised!


  5. again weird rating. this is boring and generic asf and yet you rate it high 8. stop reviewing/rating songs when youre high on meds dick i mean nick


  6. Oh god this song is soo good. I initially thought it was a little too basic but after a second listen I was sold. The two \-parter chorus, the production, and that final bridge give it such sleek, emotive qualities. Easily my second favourite Astro song in the past year. Somebody Like is still first!!


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