Song Review: Treasure – I Love You

For better or worse, YG Entertainment has spawned its own sub-genre. We’ll call it “Teddysound.” It involves high octane verses underlined by aggressive electronic beats, a second verse rap switch-up, a hollow, chant-like chorus and a tacked-on, anthemic finale. At this point, it’s unwise to expect anything different from a YG title track, so we might as well review it within its own expectations. With that in mind, Treasure’s I Love You is a natural extension of debut single Boy. It tricks you into thinking it’s one thing before pulling the carpet out from under your feet.

The thing is, I ended up enjoying Boy quite a bit. My initial thoughts were colored by more than a little frustration, but I like to think that I’ve assumed a more “Zen” position when it comes to topsy-turvy song structure. Even so, I can’t help but imagine how awesome I Love You would have been if it built toward a more rousing chorus. The first verse rushes forward with great energy, taking advantage of Treasure’s team of solid vocalists. But as we move into the chorus, the entire track flips on its heel, bludgeoning the listener with a rough assault of percussion. This segment isn’t unenjoyable on its own (though the catchphrase hook is more grating than addictive), but its appearance is incredibly jarring. It works much better when placed at the tail end of I Love You’s climactic chant.

The track’s second verse is largely composed of the trap-rap structure that characterized the same segment in Boy. I don’t think it works as well here simply because the entire track feels more haphazard. It has its moments — including a breathless, exciting pre-chorus – but I Love You feels like YG throwing everything at the wall and hoping the resulting mess will congeal into a coherent song. Sadly, it doesn’t quite get there.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


37 thoughts on “Song Review: Treasure – I Love You

  1. I liked ‘Boy’, and I like this – both have slightly more interesting/abrasive drops than average. But… yeah, the opportunity cost is hard to overlook.

    As an aside, I’ve seen lots of quirky song/album titles at this point, but ‘B.L.T (BLING LIKE THIS)’ is in a league of its own!


  2. Honestly, this song is a pure hit and miss to me, with a more of a miss than the hit. The verse and pre chorus had it all, with that fantastic energy they had. And then the chorus came, and everything felt like a downfall. I’m not saying that the chorus is downright horrible, it just felt so out of place. Maybe if it was twisted a tiny bit more, then I can actually love it more.

    The only reason I finished the song until the end was because of that verse, pre chorus, and that impressive anthemic chant in the end (though I much prefer boy’s than this). Oh and “teddysound” nick, that’s very creative honestly hahaha 😂 though maybe I’m not a big fan of the “teddysound” genre though oooff

    I just wish that they would actually make material for treasure that would really stand out for them. This arrangement feels so awfully familiar that it sounds like it was just copypasted and made sure that it was covered up perfectly.


  3. I loved practically everything about the song except for that nasty drop. I’m usually way more biased toward my bias groups but Boy actually had a pleasing drop to me. I HATE this one. I tend to be a lot more positive and ill probably force myself to like it anyways but i mean come on. It’s just… not good at all. I loved the rest of the song though. The verses were so happy and bright and filled with great energy. I loved the buildup.

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  4. Amazing verses leading to such a bad chorus Is something which is nothing short of a crime. I would be not surprised If I find out that YG was purposely making bad songs.

    Seriously if YG were never had their past discography , the only thing they would give us is utter crap!

    Honestly , YG’s music as a whole is nothing short of CRAP………… It’s like a Crappy burger.

    With a crappy lettuce , tomatoes and cheese with equally crappy buns and the meat patty is the most crappiest out of all.


  5. Boy and I Love You are full-fledged bops and I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoy both more than I should.

    Off-topic but I’m perplexed that there are people who take stanning so seriously to the point that my comments are reason enough to be homophobic to me. Wish I was making this up but some reader really thought it was a good idea to create a burner account and specifically message me that I, as a gay person, don’t deserve to go to heaven. Not only was this incident creepy but it’s all kinds of fucked up.

    If heaven is meant for straight people alone, I don’t need to be there. I’ve had to face homophobia my entire life and homophobia is also prevalent within the LGBT+ community itself. This person had the nerve to say I’m “obsessed” and “hiding in TheBiasList’s comment section”, with a complete lack of self-awareness typing out hateful insults from their throwaway.

    Here I thought rabid K-pop fans couldn’t be operating more like brainwashed and deranged cult members but I was proven wrong. I honestly wonder what this person was trying to do, silence or threaten me for stating my opinion about a bunch of songs by groups they stan? It ain’t that deep and your hate won’t discourage me from commenting.

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    • That’s horrible!

      I swear to god some people in kpop need to get a new hobby, pronto. Who are we kidding, its not about the kpop music at all, but something else weird and strange going on in their heads. The world these days.

      I don’t know if anything I can say is helpful, but “scroll on by” can be useful. Also, not reading it at all. Its their time they are wasting.


    • Oh my god did that happen here? I’m so sorry if I missed it, and will be happy to remove if I know where the comment is.

      It’s been a busy week so I haven’t been monitoring the comments like usual. That kind of ridiculous hatred is not acceptable, and the user will be banned (if they’re not already).

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    • All I can say is… if Heaven’s off the table for you (and I sincerely do not believe it is), you’re in good company. TONS of Kpop (and pop, more broadly) fans identify as LGBTQ+, myself included, and I can guarantee there are plenty within that troll’s fandom of choice.

      I’m so sorry that happened to you, but know that you’re on the right side of history and have a whole bunch of fellow queer stans to support you ♡

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    • Hi sorry to hear that. Just wanna say you are loved. Good to see you holding your head high and truly knowing who’s in the wrong.

      I’m a bit miffed that a mere human can pass judgement on who can go to heaven or not. It was also a low blow to pick at your sexuality in order to channel their frustrations. A lack of good discussion and debating skills. The moment they start going personal and emotional I say head out.

      Do you mind explaining how and why homophobia is prevalent in the LGBT community? I would think that a community that is supportive of its name would have nonexistent homophobia.


      • It could be a few things. Much like how internalized misogyny is a thing, internalized homophobia is too. The highschool bully turning out to be gay themselves despite bullying out students is a pretty prevalent trope imo.

        We could also broaden homophobia out to things like transphobia from cis LGBT+ members or biphobia/bisexual erasure from within the community (I’ve definitely heard a lot of anecdotes about biphobia within the community, unfortunately).

        Despite being LGBT+ myself I don’t really make a point to interact with the community much so I can’t say that much more on this issue, but I’m not surprised it exists. 😡


        • If that’s the case, what is the point of an LGBT community when some of its very actions contradict what it stands for? What’s going on? How is there acceptance for one type but a phobic attitude towards another? It’s probably a small minority that does this, I don’t know enlighten me, does it happen often?


  6. This is not OK.

    I want to live in a world where the great first verse of this song breathes into the chorus it deserves to have.

    I swear if I have to hear that half-assed mess of a low-energy drop + slower second verse combo completely RUINING a promising track…

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  7. Its not a bad song, but there isn’t much compelling about it. The main highlight of the song is that it shows the depth of the vocal bench for this group. No one gets more than a couple lines, and there doesn’t seem to be an excess vocal processing that is obvious, but there is a consistency of ability to sing there. (Also, granted it isn’t the most rangy song.)

    The song itself, its alright. As someone here once wrote, on a scale of 5 to10, its Okay!


  8. I’m so done with YG. Great verses only then to go into a horrible beatdrop. But hey, it doesn’t matter how good the song is, it’ll top the charts anyway!

    On an unrelated note, what are your thoughts on the everyglow teaser?


  9. This song is carried by the strength of its performers, which is a really impressive thing for a rookie group. The melody of the pre-chorus is amazing, and definitely the best part of the whole song, even if the instrumentation underneath it is kind of generic. Honestly, the chorus is bad. Boy’s drop chorus at least had character in the instrumentation, but this one is really bland & takes away from anything the members had to offer by over processing their vocals. It really only works after the chant at the end, but I feel like both of those sections should be taken out & put in a different song.
    The member who starts the second verse has so much charisma it almost made me forget it was the typical trap rap verse we’ve heard over & over again. The speed of his rap counters the slow down in the instrumentation really well. Treasure are the most talented rookies I’ve seen this year, & I hope their next release is something that lets them show off what they have to offer.


  10. This song is the most YG-ish a song could get, especially with the anthemic chant in the end. The minute I heard this song, I immediately thought – Nick’s not going to be fond of this one.

    I mean, as someone who’s seen YGTB and knows what all of these guys are capable of as artists, it saddens me a little to see the company focus so much on the MV sets and not the song itself.

    The piece was catchy and I was bopping my head most of the time, but I expect more from Treasure next time.

    P. S – Have y’all heard that next month nearly 30 groups/soloists are making a comeback?!

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  11. Not to repeat what basically everyone has said in the comments, but the chorus drop and the trap-inspired second verse ruined the whole song for me. I don’t think it’s bad nor am I saying that I won’t listen to it from time to time. BUT, the first time listening to “I Love You”, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I heard the chorus after an good first verse and a promising hook. The whole time I was listening to the chorus I felt that I was listening to another song.

    Please, someone in YG, I’m begging you, get G-Dragon to start producing songs again or hire someone new to make good music PLEASE.

    God I miss Hanbin (aka B.I from IKON)


  12. Boy was much more bearable to listen to than this song if I’m being honest. Boy had at least decent moments in the chorus where the boys tried to make the most out of their garbage trap beat but I can’t find a single good thing about the chorus in I Love You.


  13. Hahaha! Great review. I love that you seemed to have given up hope on expecting something different from YG title tracks based on your first paragraph! I felt that. LOL.

    I think it would be better if we call this subgenre “Teddywave?” You know, just because it sounds trendier.

    Personally, I enjoyed this song. I was very much off-put by the chorus and that intense trumpety sound, but overall, it’s an enjoyably energetic song just for the heck of it. The only thing that really grated me was the fact that the ending is like the exact, “stepping out” sound (for lack of a better term) from Blackpink’s How You Like That. As to the rap break in verse 2, I think it’s cool. The trifecta of rappers is relentless and aggressive. I personally think k-pop songs should make rapper lines compact, instead of spreading them throughout the song. But it’s just me though.

    As to the anthemic latter parts of YG title tracks? I’m not a fan of it.

    Overall though, this is enjoyable chaos.

    I’m giving this a 4/5.


  14. Personally I enjoyed this way more than Boy. I’m giving it an 8.5 at least.

    In this song they accomplished what they intended to do. A song with a nasty loud drop with everything going chaotic.

    Boy imo is kinda more generic yet also feel more disconnected compared to this one.


  15. I’m a bit confused as to why it seems as everyone acts like this was produced by Teddy and calling it the Teddysound when Teddy had nothing to do with the song. In fact, this pretty much sounds just like I expected it to given the producer (R.Tee).

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  16. I love this song, but the beat drop honestly surprised me. I thought it was gunna go more in the direction of Ateez’s Wave, but it went into a hard hitting beat drop like that of Me by CLC


  17. I lurked but didn’t comment anything for so long. After several months and listening to this song again a few times, it really grew on me. Probably one of the best kpop boy group releases that I heard in 2020. I think the heavy drop will be polarizing for most. I loved it. It got me so hyped. This didn’t sound like the Teddysound at all to me. I’m surprised he was even brought up.


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