Song Review: ONEWE – Parting

As part of their recent online concert, ONEWE unveiled new digital single Parting (소행성). While I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of the band’s music so far, I’ve often noted that many of their songs feel like idol group material that just happens to be performed by a rock band. When it comes to title tracks, ONEWE have never really drawn upon the strength of their configuration. With that in mind, Parting is probably the most straightforward single they’ve ever released.

Here’s where I get hypocritical. As much as I’ve complained about the musical dalliances that ONEWE have taken since debut, I kind of wish Parting had a bit more pizzazz. I understand that it’s not designed to be that style of song, but it’s almost too safe for its own good. While I applaud the focus on frontman Yonghoon’s vocals, the melody doesn’t allow him much room to stretch. Funny enough, the track’s most dynamic moment comes courtesy of a Cya-fueled rap break. I love how the guitar amps up here, briefly imbuing Parting with added energy and drive.

Elsewhere, the song is driven by a moody atmosphere and perched upon simple, repetitive refrains. The angst amps to a crescendo during Parting’s final moments, but I wish it would have gone even further. Yonghoon feels poised to launch into one of his incredible power notes, yet the song restricts him to a brief spike of falsetto. Parting’s bones are strong. It just doesn’t take us on the kind of emotional journey I would have hoped for.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7



4 thoughts on “Song Review: ONEWE – Parting

  1. From time to time, my hubby gets in a mood and plays all of his old 90’s British pop-rock cd’s for a whole night or whole day or whole weekend, along with those free compilation cd’s that you used to get with a music magazine purchase. Think Oasis or Radiohead era, but a dozen or two more just like them with lesser moodier songs and only popular in Great Britain. This song sounds like it would fit right in, except its in Korean.

    (… maybe next time he is in that mood I should play this one in the middle and see if he notices.)


  2. I personally really like the song. When I heard it the first time during the concert I thought it was a bit anticlimactic but then when I listened to it this morning, I loved it. It definitely leans more into a band/rock sound than their previous releases which I personally love and it kept changing up in ways that I didn’t expect it to. I do agree though it doesn’t show off Yonghoon’s vocals as much as it could, but I don’t think it holds back the song.

    Personally, I would give it an 8.25 🙂

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  3. This song was almost frustrating to listen too. The pauses annoyed me since they never seem to go anywhere. So, I agree with you that this song was too safe. Also,If I had not been paying attention, I could have sworn that the music was from an idol group. The ending made me sit up though. Makes me wonder what would happen if they played into that sound a bit more.


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