Song Review: UP10TION – Light

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m baffled by Top Media’s plans for UP10TION. The group has two members who gained huge popularity through Produce X 101 and could inject some life into this struggling brand, yet the agency has pulled them away for solo work while having the rest of the guys continue to promote under the UP10TION name. This group is ripe for revitalization, while still allowing for solo releases from Wooseok and Jinhyuk. I can only assume there are behind-the-scenes machinations going on, because from a financial perspective this just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, the seven-member iteration of UP10TION made their first comeback just over a year ago. They’re back with Light, which ironically sounds like a spiritual successor to X1’s Flash. It makes some great moves, but is hampered by an underwhelming chorus that upends the groove. For much of Light’s first verse, the track harnesses a similar energy to the group’s standout 2017 hit Going Crazy. The production has more of a house base, augmented by bright splashes of synth and injections of rhythm guitar. It’s a promising start, even if the general sound is something we’ve heard many times before.

As we enter Light’s pre-chorus, the synth becomes more prominent and the tempo begins to sputter. This launches into a lurching chorus, where percussion acts as exclamation points instead of a steady drive. I’ve never been a fan of this approach, though I’m happy to hear resonant synth textures in place of more common K-pop tropes. However, the halting structure doesn’t allow for much of a hook. The chorus is vaguely melodic, but comes across as sing-shouting rather than a fully-developed refrain. I’m sure it’ll look great on stage. As a song, it feels like there’s a big chunk missing.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


6 thoughts on “Song Review: UP10TION – Light

  1. A story of the earbuds. I get a note from sonny boy’s teacher recently, “Hey, does his mic still not work because he isn’t contributing to online class”. Oh? His headphones with mic are the same exact as darling daughter’s whose does work except his is not pink. So I give him my Current Best Earbuds, I use the Old Best Earbuds that are held together with tape, and order a two for one pack deal of New BOGO Earbuds for him.

    This morning when I couldn’t hear the bass line, I was thinking hey wow, where is the bass, they aren’t blaring us out with a heavy bass like too many songs these days, the song is actually light and refreshing. It turns out, this song only sounds good on Current Best Earbuds. That bass doesn’t show up at all on Old Best or BOGO. Even with the bass it is still light-er and refreshing-er than the dark boy band concept popular these days.

    This song does nothing new, but what it does, it does well enough. However, it seems I have bought only one Up10tion song in the past, and this will not add to it. High 7’s for me.


  2. I actually love it, honestly (I’ve said this many times on twitter oooff). The song’s pretty powerful, and that touch of choi hyunjoon and kim seungsoo really added the flavor of the song (I can hear that sound from izone’s fiesta; producers aren’t really that slick).

    The verses had decent energy that could pull you, though I don’t know if it can really glue in your mind. But at least it will keep you going and finish the track. I wish they pushed the track more, especially the chorus. It felt like you’re holding your breath and won’t be able to release any air at any moment. But hey, that synth’s actually nice, I’ll give it that. And the final chorus though, it really added the track more spice!

    I’m going to give this an 8.5, and yes my bias is showing once again. Give me a chance, I haven’t seen them on stage since a year and 2 months hahahaa


  3. I like this song-well, in general, I like all songs of this type. The start was the standout for me. The main problem for me was that some of the songs sounded disjointed with each other. Although the more I listen to it, the better it sounds. I wonder what I will think of it a while later.

    I just wish that Top Media would get their stuff together because I do think that this group has the potential to do more and I want to hear that happen.


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