Song Review: WEi – Twilight

New group WEi comes armed with an already-established fan base, thanks to its members gaining fame through the Produce 101 franchise. To be honest, they feel almost like a supergroup, cobbled together from ex-members of X1, JBJ, Rainz and 1THE9. Given this pedigree, WEi are guaranteed success – at least in the short term. The true test will be whether they can hang on to their fan base and carve out a meaningful place within the K-pop industry. Judging from debut single Twilight, that may be a struggle.

Co-composed by Pentagon’s Hui, Twilight is the kind of ungainly, joyless boy group track that has no identity of its own. It’s largely hookless, unless you count a repeated whistle that opens the track and forms the backbone for its chorus. Whistled hooks are almost always obnoxious in pop songs, and there’s not enough substance around this one to make Twilight memorable. The track is relentlessly mid-tempo, which is fine. But, the instrumental brings nothing new to the table. It’s stuffed with the kind of dull instrumental samples that have driven too many boy group comebacks over the past few years. The first time through, I kept waiting for something to happen, but Twilight almost seems apathetic in its construction. It goes nowhere.

Melodically, the song sputters. It doesn’t have much of a chorus, and the verses consist of the kind of halting delivery that make them feel choppy and underdeveloped. I assume the producers were aiming for a rhythmic appeal, but the final product feels more affected than effortlessly groovy. These guys will sell loads of albums either way, but it’s disappointing to hear yet another Produce-related group debut with such an unimaginative track — especially when its members have released so many great songs in the past.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6



24 thoughts on “Song Review: WEi – Twilight

  1. It’s been a while since I have compared songs to Pentagon’s classic “Shine”. Well, here we are again. … I had no idea when I listened and wrote those first two sentences about an hour ago, that Pentagon’s Hui wrote this one as well! So, this sounds like Hui is trying copy his jangly vibe in Shine, but with less commitment and less success. Shine, the Shiny-less. Which means it is OK, maybe 7 for me. It isn’t a bad song, it just doesn’t commit.

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  2. Saw your twitter………………..somehow I literally expected B1A4 to make a comeback with Zombies………….I have no idea how? but I literally expected it to happen….

    Also , Golden Child’s Pump It Up is coming tomorrow for all of you Goldeness or ppl who are excited for the comeback!

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  3. It’s not a bad song, actually. I just thought it was a lazily produced song that tries to appeal what’s trending nowadays. *sigh* I expected better since flow bow and hui were working on it.

    I like the melody, but that’s the only thing why I enjoyed the track. The song feels like it’s having an identity crisis. It doesn’t have any focus or anything, and it feels like it’s a confusing jumbled mess. The vocals were fine, I have to say. I think the only letdown in this one is the hook and that instrumental; it’s one of the biggest letdown in a hyped group ever.

    At this point, I am starting to think that companies are just trying to milk the popularity of any produce contestants. Another disappointment this 2020


  4. For me the hook is pretty great but those verses are severely underwhelming. Also there should be more tensions in the verses to make the hook more satisfying. Overall its decent but a lot of it is pretty throwaway


  5. So underwhelming. Honestly considering Yohan won Produce, the fans are pretty quiet and I don’t see that much support for him, at least that is what I saw so far. Even Donghan’s fans seemed more supportive online.


      • Yep, songs like Focus and Sunset really got me excited for the potential of this group. Instead, OUI went for a name producer without caring if the actual song was any good. It’s clear that they have every intention of relying on the guys’ existing fanbase instead of putting effort and creativity into the music. As a fan, I can’t help but feel insulted.

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  6. Incredibly bland. There’s absolutely nothing interesting going on in this song whatsoever.
    Donghan hadn’t put out music in quite some time so to think we could’ve gotten another focus only for this to happen makes me sad.
    Ok but seriously, last year we got “Dalla dalla”, “Crown”, “Ring Ring Ring”, “ Valkyrie”, and more. how is it that the only rookie debut i’ve liked this year is “Ice Age” by Mcnd when there have been so many rookies debuting? I pray for Purple Kiss’ and Enhypen’s debuts to be good or i’m gonna start loosing faith.


    • Don’t forget DRIPPIN. I’m really looking forward to them because I generally trust Woollim. I hope they don’t let me down (like they did with the group name).


    • .
      Well, there is also Craxy “Aria”.
      Maybe this year, amid everything else going on, the way to catch our attention is to put out a totally bonkers song.

      Treasure should be around for longer than the debuts from smaller agencies, from which there have been too many copycat debuts this year. We shall see how Treasure develops even if their first couple of songs were just OK.


        • I considered mentioning a slightly longer list including TOO and E’Last, but I pruned. For TOO, I liked Count 1,2 but their troo debyoo “Magnolia” not much at all. For E’Last I loved “Swear” from June 2020 (as does another regular commentator here), but I thought I was going too obscure once again with the tiny groups.

          So, here is my slightly longer list of Good Solid Debuts so far this year:
          MCND (love or loathe, it was a solid hit)

          And honorable mention to Treasure


  7. This song feels like a carbon copy of Bet Bet by NU’EST for me. Not sure if its the exact same chord progression or what but I literally can’t get through the song without thinking of NU’EST’s much better arrangement lol


  8. Yet another disappointing debut from produce-related group.
    That whistle remind me of bet bet nuest. No hooks. No good melody. The song is just plain and boring. And uninteresting.


  9. I am clearly in the minority here but I like this song a lot! The choreo is cute without being over the top sweet and the song is super catchy.


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