Song Review: Dawn – DAWNDIDIDAWN (ft. Jessi)

I’m going to try hard not to compare Dawn to G-Dragon throughout this entire review, but there are too many similarities to ignore. G-Dragon was one of my entry points into K-pop, and still one of my absolute favorite artists, so this comparison is definitely not a dig. And, it’s clear that Dawn seeks to forge a solo career similar in tone and fashion. His impish cadence gives his music a comparable texture, and new single DAWNDIDIDAWN has moments that feel very much like a 2020 reworking of One Of A Kind.

With this said, DAWNDIDIDAWN falls victim to a few stumbling blocks that prevent it from becoming a total standout. Dawn’s higher-pitched voice lacks the grit that would add a welcome pathos to the song. When he adopts a more melodic style, it’s often marred by too many vocal effects. On the plus side, his flow is loose and fun, giving DAWNDIDIDAWN an enjoyable energy. Current it-girl (and label mate) Jessi joins Dawn for the song’s conclusion. Her verse is reliably animated, though it could use some editing. The “Hey Dawn, what’s going on?” line might have been cute one time. Three repetitions moves it closer to “annoying.”

DAWNDIDIDAWN’s self-referencing chorus is memorable, but I’m not sure how it will age. It’s a little too on the nose to be clever, and a bit juvenile to base an entire song around. The chanted “hey, fellas” line is much catchier (and VERY One Of A Kind). When it comes down to it, DAWNDIDIDAWN feels more like a punt than a triumph. Dawn clearly has charisma to spare and I feel like he’s capable of delivering material that’s much more original than this. But then again, Jessi’s sleeper hit Nunu Nana ended up growing on me immensely, so I wouldn’t be surprised if DAWNDIDIDAWN shared the same trajectory.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Dawn – DAWNDIDIDAWN (ft. Jessi)

  1. Wow, very reminiscent of G-Dragon indeed. On the one hand that’ s a plus- GDs songs are creative, super catchy (and extremely popular) so emulating that sound is not a bad idea. On the other hand it’s a disadvantage though- setting yourself up for comparison against GD is setting the bar very, very high.

    I love the ‘Hey fellas’ part, the rest I’ m not sure about. The Hyuna references are cute, though.


  2. For the shed load of performance charisma, the song itself needs a bit more punch. Higher? lower? more? less?
    Rating is about right.

    Related: Jessi’s Nunu nana has been in the Gaon digital top 10 for a remarkably long time, since it came out at the end of July. That song is still not my style, but hey, way to go Jessi!


  3. I did not think that I would like rap-heavy or some with a sing-song like tone.. I can’t exactly describe it. But like, the only exceptions for me are songs of Infinite H, golcha’s no matter what, and Dawn’s songs… The song’s catchy in a very weird and quirky way… And the references are really cute.. but what impressed me was the album. Like, I didn’t expect it to be that good?! I really hope you do a buried treasure review…


  4. There isn’t much to say about this song. Some parts are catchy but its just another rap song thats all bragging and doesn’t have any real meaning like MONEY does. I do like the prechours, even with the vocal effects, but its not a song i’ll be replaying often and I still like MONEYs instumental and vocals better.
    He does have that eccentric vibe that makes dawndidididawn work better than it would for another artist, but it dosen’t really work in this song as well as it does in MONEY.


    • I will be listing to the ep because I did like this song enough and I want to hear more music from him because I like him as an artist.
      Dawn deserves to be supported.
      oop can you tell that im trying to be objective about this but all I want to do is support everything he does?


    • Ok, wow my opinion on this song has changed so much, guess that says something about time spent on a good song.
      I really like this song, it does have a meaning and the bragging that I originally disliked is important to the track, which has really grown on me. I do listen to this song often (maybe more than money).
      I see now that Money and Dawndididawn are not supposed to be compared, they are both very different and I should like them for different reasons. They are supposed to be listened to for different reasons and during different moods.


  5. Could him and Jessi mention HyunA any more times if they tried? Jesus.

    I like the song, it’s catchy and reminds me of G-Dragon (as mentioned before). Jessi’s verse is sorta shit but enjoyably shit. Been quoting “Hey Dawn, what’s going on?” was too much.


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