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K-Pop A-Z Review: f(x) – All Night

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All Night (from Red Light – 2014)

Sure, f(x) can get experimental. But, some of their most enjoyable work is also their most approachable. All Night continues K-pop’s love for everything retro, offering a roller-rink ready synth disco track. From its programmed drums to the airy harmonies that drive the chorus, this wisp of a pop song goes down easy. Its hook is simple and repeated often, while the verses deliver a more robust blend of melodies. But, it’s the tight vocal arrangement that really makes this a standout. Drawing equally from 80’s and 90’s elements, there’s no way you come away from this without a serious case of nostalgia.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

~ Rest in peace, Sulli. We will forever be grateful for the incredible music and spirit you left behind ~


10 thoughts on “K-Pop A-Z Review: f(x) – All Night

  1. Oh my God! Thank you very much for this, Nick ♥️

    I love All Night. A very good song on its own, but I think it shines even more as the heart of the otherwise noisy, hectic Red Light album. The city-pop touches work beautifully here and complement the vocal harmonies so well.


  2. (I am feeling very chuff right now that I guessed f(x) based upon one image. I can also name that song in one note!)

    Yes this one goes down easy, which belies the quality of the song itself, and a mighty fine performance too. Those vocal harmonies are very nice.

    I’m hearing a lot of old school late 70’s to mid 80’s R&B in there too, the era that really defined what R&B is. Like The Jets era ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy10rRJ0Cuk


  3. Oh yessss thank you Nick for picking f(x) for season 3. The Bias List gonna get real mysteric up in here, I can’t wait!!

    All Night is one of my favorite retro songs in all of kpop, easily. Krystal’s “but they don’t really feel you” near the beginning gets to me every single time I listen.


  4. AHH OMG I’m so excited! As a ten year Meu, I’ve never identified with “thebiaslist” more, haha. You’ve mentioned a few times that f(x) was always more notable for their b-sides for you, so I’m super pumped to see you talk about them. 🙂


  5. oh my god thank you thank you for choosing f(x) nick! my favorite blog writing about my ultimate girl group of all time is just a dream come true. everyone who loves them is basically a fan of their entire discography, since that’s pretty much the only content they were able to give us in their mistreated career. and considering how long they’ve been around, they really should have been given more albums to promote! but what we’re left with is quality, not quantity, and I’ll always stand by that. every single song of theirs has some level of merit to me because of my obvious bias, but all night is clearly a highlight among others. I can’t wait to see what you say for each track!


  6. OMG!! I just started following this site due to a recommendation from one of my friends, so seeing you cover my favourite group like this so soon is a treat!

    Obvious standout on the ‘Red Light’ album, the song is sleek and simple. It does what you want it to do. Actually in hindsight, I wonder if something like this would fair better than most of the recent ‘city pop’ title track attempts we’ve seen. I often find them to be good, but lacking the power of a great title. This is lowkey, but it still has enough oomph to work as a title for me.

    Also, because of the date that this was posted, I think it’s important to remember Sulli’s contribution to this song. Often in other f(x) songs Sulli was designated the job of providing the ‘cute’ factor, but here (and in the title track) she really showed how versatile she could be – seeing her and Victoria alternate lines in this song is a treat, and adds to the sultry yet sleek vibe.

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