Song Review: Weeekly – Zig Zag

Weeekly debuted with a splash this summer. Tag Me wasn’t anything we hadn’t heard before, but the girls performed it well and its catchy energy proved addictive. And, they’ve been rewarded with growing hype that has made them one of this year’s notable rookies. But as important as debut tracks are, I’ve always believed that follow-ups are even more crucial to an artist’s long-term success. With that in mind, new single Zig Zag continues to foster Weeekly’s pop appeal, even if it doesn’t quite match the excitement of Tag Me.

From what I can tell so far, Weeekly’s signature sound is likely to include bright, bubblegum hooks and bouncy pop guitar. That’s a pretty good combination, and Zig Zag takes advantage of these stylistic strengths. Right from the start, the track welcomes listeners with a fun burst of guitar. The verses dial back for a more typical, keys-driven arrangement. They’re not particularly catchy, but they maintain the song’s sprightly energy. Zig Zag’s pre-chorus pulls back even further, slowing the track to deliver an effective build.

This is all in service to Zig Zag’s chorus, which is really quite enjoyable. The guitars return in full force, supporting a refrain that feels as if it was ripped straight from K-pop’s second generation. It’s nothing earth-shatteringly awesome, but I appreciate its fullness, which rests on good melody writing rather than cheap gimmickry. Unlike Tag Me, I don’t see myself seeking out this song too often. But, it’ll be a pleasant addition to any playlist, and does a great job capitalizing on Weeeky’s burgeoning style.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Weeekly – Zig Zag

  1. Now that Weki Meki has gone lower and deeper, there are still plenty of new groups to fill this niche.

    This song does a lot of things alright, but nothing outstanding. The vocals for one are alright. Actual sung chorus! It is interesting that the usual contemporary treatment is to hyper harmonize with autotuned chords, but here they are completely absent. One girl, singing a sung chorus. Maybe that is a good thing. But to me it makes the whole song sound under-produced for kpop. Combined with the big block props and the shoo-be-doo-bee style major chord progression, it sounds like an afternoon kids tv show musical production. Now, there is still a market for this kind of thing, but I am not in that target demographic.


    • Wow, just listened to Top Secretly for the first time… how is that not the title track?!? Great stuff. Almost seems that they choose the worst song on the album and with an rather uninspired MV too.

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  2. I don’t know how much I actually love it as a song, but I adore the spirit it exudes. It reminds me a lot of Rainbow’s “Whoo” with a dash of Pristin, but unique enough to Weeekly to be distinctly enjoyable. The MV was a little odd, but I’ve been hearing great things about the album, so I’m excited to listen, and excited that another rookie girl group is winning in 2020!


    • I don’t think debuts have been very strong this year. If we’re strictly talking about the debut song, I’d say CRAXY, GHOST9, MCND or Treasure. But as we know, debuts are about more than just that first song.

      I have my eyes on DRIPPIN right now, who I’m already biased toward given that they’re from Woollim. Fingers crossed!


  3. Is it weird that I like this song more than tag me?! I feel like tag me was too much bubblegum but this is more to my taste… Or maybe I’m just enjoying those drums(if I’m not mistaken) in the arrangement ☺️. I would give it an 8. The vocals are really nice too.


  4. As a complete song, I think I actually enjoy this more than Tag Me in some ways. The song finds ways to stay energetic and interesting even without a rap / trap breakdown (gasp!). What has really been drawing me to Weeekly has been the line changes between members. One member doesn’t only have lines during one part of the song, and I’m amazed that they fit in high notes / ad-libs for THREE members in Zig Zag alone.


    • Sorry I don’t know why I thought it was three members, it was actually only two. Seriously bringing GFriend double ad-lib vibes back though. My goodness if we got a Navillera-esqe song out of them I would be so happy.


  5. Not bad! I also really like the lyrics/topic. Instead of focusing on love or showing off how pretty/cool they are, it’s about that teenage feeling of being a little lost in life and dealing with weird random emotional changes.


  6. I think I actually enjoy this more than Tag Me in some ways. This song is certainly not on the same level as Tag Me, but that was a great debut and it was difficult to match it. Maybe that is a good thing. But to me, it makes the whole song sound under-produced for pop.


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