Song Review: B1A4 – Like A Movie

2020 has defied expectations at every turn, but one thing I never expected to see is a B1A4 comeback. For me, B1A4 are one of K-pop’s definitive groups, with an incredible catalog of music. But, it’s been over three years since they’ve graced K-pop with a new album. The release of Origine follows a reconfiguration of the group’s members. They might as well be called A3 now, as their roster has lost a “B” and an “A” (the letters correspond to members’ blood types). Reforming as a trio, CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan have unveiled Like A Movie (영화처럼), which sounds more like one of their album tracks than a traditional B1A4 single.

For me, most of B1A4’s personal appeal comes down to leader Jinyoung’s songwriting. Now that he’s enlisted and left WM Entertainment, their music has fallen into the hands of CNU, who has composed many of their b-sides. I’m happy to see his work getting some deserved spotlight, but his style has never quite clicked with me the way that Jinyoung’s did. So unsurprisingly, I find Like A Movie a bit underwhelming. After three years away from the industry, this doesn’t exactly feel like the big B1A4 comeback I may have hoped for.

Likely inspired by Sandeul’s incredible success as a balladeer, Like A Movie takes a more subdued approach. Its midtempo beat is ornamented by muted symphonic elements and off-kilter synth accents. In fact, its verses sound a lot like something Crush might have come up with. B1A4’s unique flair shines most strongly in the chorus, which has the gentle grace of a waltz as airy backing vocals buttress the main melody. But, I think the whole track is too mellow for its own good. A song like this doesn’t need some ridiculous, hit-you-over-the-head chorus, but it misses the opportunity to fully lean into its cinematic influences. The bridge and final chorus build to some satisfying crescendos. Yet, the song doesn’t leave much impact after it concludes. It feels more like a palette cleanser than the definitive highlight of a new B1A4 album.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


23 thoughts on “Song Review: B1A4 – Like A Movie

  1. Last night in my dreams, I swear B1A4’s “Beautiful Target” was the constant background music. Oh my beautiful target, you shoot through my heart like a rocket, I like it like it like it…

    This song isn’t that, at all. This song is so generic boy band bside mid tempo, characterless. Its written by the bside writer guy, you say? Yes, it sounds just like it. The only thing going for it in my mind is the 6/8’s time and a fairly competent vocal.


        • I choked my water at that comment.

          Btw you’ve written so much at this site I really appreciate the amount of encouragement and enthusiasm. I could never write so many reviews in a day.


        • (… Yanno, I was thinking (if the reply was indeed intended for me) that the only reason I know B1A4 is on WM together with Oh My Girl and ONF is that they put out that “Timing” holiday song that I have listened more times than I will ever admit to. Otherwise I would have no idea what label any of them are on.)


          • This Christmas, you need to update that playlist with B1A4’s effusive “It’s Christmas Time.” Seriously, one of my favorite holiday songs and honestly one of my favorite overall B1A4 songs. Jinyoung’s gift for pop melody is just unparalleled.


            • Click, click, done, bought. Who needs to wait, its Christmas in October!

              Hey, Dolly Parton just put out her newest Christmas album and, well ok I didn’t buy it yet but I seriously really truly thought about it. I am going to wait until that merry day when I actually step foot in a Target again and pick it off an endcap. Its the most wonderful time of the year!


  2. Judging that I am not in the crowd that was waiting for a b1a4 for years or even knew b1a4 that much. I clicked in without any expectations or doubts and I kinda like this.


  3. For some reason , I thought your ratings would be like this

    Seventeen: 9
    Loona: 6.5
    B1A4: 8.25 or 8.5
    NCT 2020: 7.5

    I was very confident about this one.

    So it appeared weird to me , but then again , this day was weird.

    While I was on discord , some guy was telling I need to join the shrek club or smth like that.

    weird day. weird day

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  4. The album is quite good! Tonight could’ve easily been the title and it has CNU written all over it more than the actual title.

    Can’t believe they’re back. Wow.


  5. Honestly, still can’t believe we got a real live actual B1A4 comeback. I checked my expectations knowing Jinyoung wouldn’t be involved in the production but listening to this song still made me miss Jinyoung and their older stuff. It’s not a bad song at all but I have such a strong attachment to their older nostalgic songs like Solo Day and Until We Meet that it falls kind of flat.


  6. The only other B1A4 song I know is A Lie, so I really can’t compare this to their previous releases. I liked this, but what the heck is going on in the mv? I think it’s the weirdest one I’ve seen in a while. I’m not blown away, but it’s a pleasant listen.


  7. I’ll be honest I had the same initial thoughts as you did nick, underwhelming compared to their previous songs. But it’s been two weeks now and the song is a real grower as I have continuously been replaying it. Maybe it’s because I prefer the more korean style of slower songs but the song gives a real mystical feel like ohmygirl in my opinion.


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