K-Pop Producer Spotlight: Jinyoung (B1A4)

If there’s anything I’ve learned from covering pop music for over a decade, it’s that songwriters and collaborators are just as important as the artists themselves. Though they often work behind the scenes, this feature is a chance to shine the light on some of k-pop’s most innovative and accomplished producers and composers.



Years active: 2011-present

Associated Acts: B1A4, Oh My Girl, I.O.I

His sound: Lush pop melodies over dense production that favors live instrumentation and stately synth flourishes. Frequent use of key changes, often adding an additional, post-chorus refrain at the song’s climax.

Why you should love him: In honor of B1A4’s impending comeback, it’s the perfect time to spotlight their leader, and one of my absolute favorite composers working in k-pop. As well as being responsible for every B1A4 title track post-2012, Jinyoung has recently gained notoriety for composing b-sides for girl groups. He has the midas touch when it comes to pop music, and a ridiculously strong ear for melodic hooks that feel both timeless and inventive. He’s shown that he can master a wide variety of styles, but tie them all together with a representative sound that expertly fuses the anthemic with the understated. Even when they borrow from current trends, his songs have incredibly longevity.

Examples of his best work:


8 thoughts on “K-Pop Producer Spotlight: Jinyoung (B1A4)

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  2. really enjoyed this post! jinyoung has penned some of my favourite kpop songs, and i like how u pointed out that his songs have longevity! i can still replay b1a4 songs from years ago and not get sick of it or think that its outdated because he relies on melodic hooks rather than trendy beats and instrumentals.


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