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K-Pop A-Z Review: f(x) – Diamond

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Diamond (from 4 Walls – 2015)

4 Walls is an incredible album start to finish, but Diamond feels like one of its lesser moments. That’s certainly not due to a lack of trying. The song’s vocal arrangement is incredibly interesting, layering the girls’ voices in unexpected ways and moments. In fact, up to its underwhelming beat drop, Diamond is quite beguiling. It has an incredible sense of build while remaining unpredictable at every turn. And, the track reverts to this sense of momentum often. I just wish there was a better drop at its core (and a better post-chorus Amber rap, while we’re at it). Still, I can’t fault Diamond’s sense of adventurous spirit.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

~ Rest in peace, Sulli. We will forever be grateful for the incredible music and spirit you left behind ~

10 thoughts on “K-Pop A-Z Review: f(x) – Diamond

  1. I have not commented in these past days , I have no idea why , I have not really but I felt nothing interesting has been happening these past days but now that Twice and TXT came back with excellent songs , And Drippin is debuting with something awesome. I think now it’s time for me to be active.

    I’ll discover new songs in this A-Z and give my thoughts.

    Diamond doesn’t really impress me that much , honestly. I actually like the first verse but everything after that is quite boring. The repeated chants of “money , money , money” irritates me but I really love the vocals. Luna , Sulli and Krystal are a dynamite pair of vocalists and I really love their voices.

    I am really hoping to discover a song you consider legendary in F(x)’s discography. I mean our tastes are very similar (I think your writing influenced me in some way) so I desperately want to know if there is an F(x) song you consider 10/10.

    Diamond score: 7.75


      • I have listened to all 4 of them and I love all 4 of them. (my favorite of the 4 so far is a tie between Vacance and Rude Love) but I want a song which captures me at first listen. It took time for all four to really grow into something of 9.25-9.5.

        But what I really want is an F(x) is which is so good , so good that it’s an instant hit right off the bat.

        I really hope that this A-Z has one……………..

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    • Rum Pum Pum Pum is a 10/10 and that is a hill I’ll happily die on if I have to.

      The other f(x) perfect tracks imo: Step, Airplane, Vacance, 4 Walls, Rude Love, Papi. Red Light too if I’m feeling messy.


  2. I agree it’s one of the minor songs. I’ll never understand why they chose to promote this instead of other b-sides on the album (I’d kill for a great Rude Love performance).


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