Song Review: JBJ95 – Jasmin

Though they released Only One last December, it’s been over a year since JBJ95 have come back with an album. The duo have proven themselves adept at delivering melodic pop tracks, and I think their work is at its best when it conjures a sense of nostalgia. New track Jasmin takes them in a more dance-heavy direction, harnessing K-pop’s current obsession with bass and rhythm guitar to craft a sticky, sly comeback.

I’ve always appreciated how JBJ95’s songs never feel the need to twist themselves in a million different directions. This is a benefit of only having to cater to two voices. Jasmin just doesn’t have to do as much, and can focus on its strengths rather than deliver the obligatory verse for the rappers or break for the dancers. The track finds its groove early on and sticks to that catchy arrangement. I don’t know that it’s the most dynamic melody I’ve ever heard, but Jasmin is more about being slinky and rhythmic. Its soft-footed beat goes down easy, offering a great springboard for the guys’ equally light vocals.

“Groovy” is the order of the day here, and you can easily picture Jasmin soundtracking some cheesy 70’s film. As it plays, the track threatens to become a little too one-note for its own good, but at least that note is enjoyable. The falsetto-kissed chorus is gentle and airy, followed by a more rousing, chant-along hook. Jasmin’s real star is its guitar, which runs through the entire track with an assured gumption. Even if the full package never amounts to anything that becomes absolutely stirring, no song with this instrumental could possibly be bad.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


10 thoughts on “Song Review: JBJ95 – Jasmin

  1. This is my bias group so is a 9 for me, also the album is really good.
    Totally agree with the “their work is at its best when it conjures a sense of nostalgia” part, thats what i love their music so much.
    Also this one was suppossed to be realeased the first quarter of the year before COVID-19 situation, and Kenta’s mother passed away.
    And yeah i love the song

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  2. Oh, I like this one. It has such a nice mellow groove, the kind that gets your shoulders moving. It is a comforting song because it doesn’t follow trends, or as Nick puts it twists itself into a dozen things in 3 minutes time. It lays the song out, lays out that groove and delivers exactly right on it. Rating is about right.

    I am looking at itunes right now, ready to click, and looking at the list and thinking when did I miss all these other songs. I have this one and this one, but what is that one and that one and those over there? This is the sad – happy moment in the kpop life. Sad that I missed some songs, happy that it gives me the opportunity to hunt for lost treasure! Today! Right now!

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