Song Review: P1Harmony – Siren

In a day of debuts, P1Harmony are here to make themselves known with the powerful Siren. Hailing from FNC Entertainment, the group follows in the footsteps of agency seniors SF9, who have grown into a very successful act in their own right. And though P1Harmony lack a ton of pre-debut hype, they did appear in their own feature film earlier this month (P1H: The Beginning of a New World). That’s certainly an ambitious debut roll-out!

Siren isn’t quite as ambitious, but it quickly cements P1Harmony’s charms. It’s a powerful hip-hop track – almost like an NCT unit release, minus the experimental bent. The beat-heavy production offers a satisfying glimpse at the members’ vocals, which sound quite strong. There are some nice textures among these tones, and although Siren isn’t a melodic powerhouse, it takes advantage of the guys’ skills. In fact, I’d say that the performance itself elevates the song, which is a very promising quality when it comes to a debut track.

As a boy group song, Siren is pretty standard. Its brass-and-bass hip-hop beat doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but remains consistent and enjoyable all the way through. It actually reminds me of Pentagon’s 2016 debut. Some of P1Harmony’s vocal tones are even similar. And though much of Siren’s verses consist of the cast-off, sing-talk phrasing so popular in K-pop, they occasionally spike with moments of vocal power that keep them engaging. The track’s chanted chorus is also well-arranged, layering the group’s vocals to create a great sense of texture. It’s not a particularly idiosyncratic debut, but what Siren does, it does very well.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

10 thoughts on “Song Review: P1Harmony – Siren

  1. The first minute or so, I was on the meh wagon. But I caught myself part way with it growing on me, and reconsidered: if this was by some group named ACE, would I declare my love. Yes. Yes, I would.

    It is like there is a target on my back that says make me a song that is like ACE covering Ateez covering covering Stray Kids covering some NCT unit, and pow pow they hit it. Its not as catchy as those though, there is no “dum dum walla walla dum dum HIT ME” line in there that stays with you. For that, it is mid 8 for me.

    Nemonade is a good b-side. (Rhymes with Lemonade)


      • yeah, a photo from the producers’ writing camp “leaked” and it included Music, Dance by NCT (originally Paris, Dance) as a SuperM song, among others.


    • I don’t hear this as a girl track. Its just the subject matter, sounds more kboy. Perhaps a hot shot girl soloist like an Alexa, or an edgy indy group like 3Ye could pull it off. If SM had this, it sounds like it would slot in easily into like one of the NCT’s.

      SM would have done a better job highlighting the wee-oo wee-oo refrain in the chorus. The producers really missed out on that, which is the first obvious place to me to have had a memorable hook. There is an interesting descending by half notes bit inn the chorus (right about 1:03, and again when the line repeats), that SM would have highlighted the shit out of, doubling on a instrumental line, maybe drop out the repeat times. The rap would be punchier, spitting it out, accented consonants. The high adlibs at 2:35 would have been sky higher, and again on the last note, higher. The singer is only at B4 which is still a low falsetto, and any SM vocal line would have started there and stepped up a third or fifth (or whatever harmonic) to really wail on that note.

      Which is all to say that actually the song itself is pretty good construction, has merit, has potential, and, well, I like it.


    • This is a good sign. I feel LSM’s interest in LOONA must have been a form of research and we will getting at least some material closer to NCT? Hopefully.

      This song is pretty okay. Surprisingly I like it more than Drippin’s debut which I expected to like more.

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  2. This certainly has energy but finding out the youngest two are 15 and 14 is blowing my mind. We don’t even get youthful concepts by the kids anymore!


  3. Good debut, strong vocals, high quality dancing. I prefer Drippin’s Nostalgia, but I can see this group has massive potential. Considering all of them are still in their teens, (and the fact that they didn’t even appear on Produce series), this is already one of the most impressive and polished 4th gen groups.

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  4. I found this surprisingly pretty dreadful, but I see why it appeals to others… maybe it’s the NCT factor turning me off. To me it is like a dollar store NCT because it’s not quite catchy enough.


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