Song Review: K/DA – More

Full disclosure: I’m not much of a gamer. And, I don’t really find the idea of virtual/avatar pop stars to be appealing (hello, æspa!). So, while everyone else was raving about Pop/Stars two years ago, I was mostly oblivious to the hype.

For those like me, the K/DA project is a virtual girl group themed around characters from League of Legends. This group consists of American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, alongside (G)I-DLE members Soyeon and Miyeon – hence the K-pop connection. New single More brings in Chinese artist Lexie Liu as the character Seraphine, an unlockable “skin” within the game (correct me if I’m wrong, LoL fans).

The result of all this backstory is basically a trussed-up BLACKPINK track, albeit with a more consistent structure. Like Pop/Stars, More vacillates between stomping hip-hop verses and a towering EDM chorus. Overall, it harnesses the kind of take-no-prisoners energy that suits a video game. Its strongest moments occur when the five girls are brought together. The chorus has a majestic swell to it, utilizing SMent-style layering to land an extra punch. However, I wish the track unveiled a more interesting palette of sounds. As it stands, the production is highly polished but hardly unique.

The multi-cultural nature of More means that the song races through three different languages. But, it never feels piecemeal. The girls really do sound as if they’ve been part of the same group for years. For K-pop fans, the song’s opening verse will be the real treat, as Soyeon steals attention with an exciting rap. In comparison, Miyeon is given far less to do, pitching in here and there during the pre-chorus and second verse. But, More is really a team effort, and aside from all the League of Legends tie-ins, it’s a solid pop song in its own right.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

12 thoughts on “Song Review: K/DA – More

    • It’s probably more a continuity and theming thing than frugality or lack of creativity. Sure. Star Wars has the same music themes in all its episodes too, all 9 or 10 or twelve dozen of them. Les Miserables repeats the same themes a dozen times or more, but they get to call it “leitmotif”.

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  1. Interesting! I wasn’ t expecting a review for this. I like both Pop/Stars and Baddest far more than this one- this is about a 6.5 for me. I agree about them sounding natural together despite the language changes, something not all kpop-western pop collabs achieve.

    Don’ t agree about that first verse though. I feel like it channels Cardi B, not a fan. Or maybe it’s just me cringing at the talking-about-myself-in-third-person thing.

    I actually used to play League back in the day.. good times. I’ d liketo get back into it but it’ s difficult to play that game casually with the intensive skill and knowledge you need. Genshin Impact now keeps my evenings occupied instead.


    • I think all the commentators wore him down so he gave in. Maybe if I keep mentioning Gaho, or Forestella, Nick will give in to me too. Or hey, Super Junior KRY released a mid tempo Japanese single today too.

      I like Pop/stars a lot more than this. Popstars >> More > Baddest. I don’t really have a reason, maybe because it was the first.

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      • I thought it might have been the comments, too. I may have been guilty of commenting about them myself, actually.. For me it’ s Pop/stars > Baddest > More.

        I think Pop/stars has the most variety, the best raps, the prechorus is a great buildup and the chorus keeps the energy going. Soyeon really kills it in that one, her rap parts in the other songs aren’ t as good in my opinion.


  2. I agree that the production doesn’t explore many different sound palettes but I really enjoy this type of percussion and how clean it sounds. The trap doesn’t feel out of placed and is utilised well – but not as well in comparison to “The Baddest”. From a music producer perspective, I think this sounds extremely clean and I am quite amazed by that. I have to say though, this is my least favourite song from all of K/DA’s material so far.

    Hooks 8
    Production 10
    Longevity 8
    Bias 9
    RATING. 8.75


  3. At first listen I prefer The Baddest and Pop/Stars more but this song grew on me a lot. Pop/stars’ chorus is still superior though.

    The production level is really insane they might just become one of my favourite groups. I’d give an 8.5.

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