Song Review: Mino (Winner) – Run Away

Mino made his official solo debut back in 2018, though he’s been releasing solo music since Winner’s debut in 2014. I still consider his I’m Him an underrated gem. But overall, he and I are on two different planets, musically. I appreciated the ambition and creativity of 2018’s Fiancé, but didn’t have much urge to replay it. The same could be said for new single Run Away (도망가), though I think this one is far more straightforward in nature.

Run Away follows a tried-and-true YG Entertainment template: the moody hip-hop ballad. In this case, it’s powered by the musical trends of the day, giving its instrumental a more predictable quality than I expected. Mino’s flow is dynamic throughout, especially during the second verse where he adopts a breakneck pace that imbues the track with palpable frustration.

However, I think this song could have been tied together more strongly if given a better chorus. The hook is oddly repetitive, to the point of harnessing the same syllable over and over again. To me, this structure feels messy, which might have been the point. This is a track driven by emotion, after all. And at well under three minutes in length, the monotony of the chorus isn’t quite the disaster it could have been in a longer track. Still, I kept waiting for Run Away to build to some cathartic crescendo. The closest we get is that second verse, but I think a potent melodic refrain or even extra production flourish would have gone a long way toward making this a standout.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

6 thoughts on “Song Review: Mino (Winner) – Run Away

  1. I like that phrase “he and I are on two different planets, musically”. I shall use that some day. … maybe today …

    He and I are on two different planets, musically. CL too, that song yesterday, not for me.


  2. Quick Question Nick:
    Will Ateez’s new halloween cover get a review? Even though the song is a cover, it’s much different from the original and would make for a great Ateez single. In addition, it got a full fledged MV with an actual budget!


  3. Hi, amazing blog.
    I enjoy this song, for me it really reflect Mino artistic side.
    I’m really curious, what you think about entire TAKE album by Mino.
    Book store is probably my favourite track.


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