Song Review: Super Junior – The Melody

Industry veterans Super Junior will be returning in December with their tenth (!) studio album, but before that they’ve pre-released the nostalgic fan song The Melody (우리에게). It arrives on the fifteenth anniversary of the group’s debut, alongside a scrapbook-like music video that traces their illustrious career. So, rather than being a notable song on its own, The Melody is more significant because of all the sentiment supporting it.

As a pop song, The Melody is amiable but lacking in spark. It’s kind of a “in one ear, out the other” affair, at least when compared to Super Junior’s strongest material. It’s the kind of track I expect to hear from a group that has been around as long as Super Junior, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. Yes, we know they can pull off this style of soft, melodic pop with ease, but I think they’re at their best when they keep pushing themselves in new directions.

With that said, The Melody is a pre-release. Expectations should be set accordingly, and when all is said and done this will make a very nice album track. I’m not a fan of its whistling hook, but I rarely like whistling in pop music. However, the airy verses are gorgeous, and the song grows more robust and satisfying as it goes on. The bridge is particularly engaging, as the melody takes a more dramatic turn. When all is said and done, this is a pleasant toe-tapper. But, I hope the actual comeback delivers a knockout punch.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

6 thoughts on “Song Review: Super Junior – The Melody

  1. Oh, this ELF is quite pleased with this. It is so pleasing to listen to, and the lyrics are so nice and unforced. There is some genuine calm emotion here, freely and easily expressed. The song was written by Yesung and Leeteuk, btw.

    I have to say, Nick, that I think you have called it wrong in the past year with SuJu. You have usually referred to each recent release as the “victory lap”, but this song, this here today sounds like the real victory lap. OK, hindsight, of course, to be fair. The previous victory lap songs were more like Usain Bolt pulling up a few meters from the finish. THIS song is the casual victory lap after the race is run, waving flags and collecting flowers. Fan service to the max.

    I really appreciate how the chorus is sung altogether as a chorus, a subtle sign of the 15 years together through good times and bad. No one person is highlighted, it was a team effort, they all get their lines, and then go back to the team. 15 years, the last men standing!


    • I just feel warm & fuzzy after listening to it, so much so that I don’t feel the need to try & pinpoint everything I like & don’t like about it. It was really nice to put away everything else, to just enjoy the song & celebrate 15 years along with them.

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  2. I actually really liked it, because of
    a) the lyrics
    b) how carefree and soft it is. as much as I love a punch, sometimes a laidback song is just what I need.

    I’ll definitely be listening to this song a lot more, and I cant wait for the full album!


  3. This is such a pleasant, soft song! But because the chorus uses the same sample as that in Ateez’s “Twilight”, I keep expecting them to sing “tell me tell me yeah” afterwards. Sampling makes things so confusing for my brain, but I’ll adjust with enough listens!


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