Song Review: Treasure – MMM

Twice now, I’ve underestimated Treasure’s title tracks. Though Boy and I Love You each earned a “good” rating on this blog, both quickly grew on me despite some of my quibbles. This hindsight leads me to approach new single MMM (음) with a different perspective. Yet, just as I’m poised to embrace another jarring dance track, the guys deliver something much more consistent.

As with many YG Entertainment debuts, Treasure have blitzed the industry with comeback after comeback during these past few months. This approach allows them to spotlight various sides of their sound in a quick volley, and it was probably smart to take a more hip-hop approach with MMM. This genre used to be a stronghold for YG, but over the last five years, other big agencies have followed suit. I mention this because, to me, MMM sounds more like an SM hip-hop track than what I’d expect from YG. This isn’t a bad or good thing, but its off-kilter, electronic beat surprised me.

MMM does a nice job balancing its elements, and never swerves into disconnected segments the way Treasure’s singles have tended to do. The beat remains relatively steady throughout, except for when the chorus opts for (an ill-advised) EDM jackhammer. MMM’s verses are playful and fun, trading between rap and vocals with flair. The chorus is less impressive, but gets the job done. It rests heavily on its beat, and MMM’s fundamentals are strong enough to support what’s essentially a one-phrase hook. The track climaxes in a more robust, chant-like finale that sends things off on a high. Oddly, this will end up tied as my highest-rated Treasure single so far, even though with hindsight I actually prefer Boy and I Love You.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


22 thoughts on “Song Review: Treasure – MMM

  1. I did not expect this. I don’t know what I did expect, but it wasn’t this. Gotta be honest, unless I looked at the title, and knew some of the characteristic voices (mostly on the NCT side), I would have said this was an NCT track. Also, that whispered “Treasure Ship” was a clue.

    It’s a bit noisy right smack in the middle of the mix, especially right around 2:20 there is that drill back firing sound that is not particularly pleasant.

    Do I like it? Mmmm, ummmm, … yes?

    I Love you grew on me, Boy did not – that noise thing again, that synths election they used.


  2. Uhmm this is just not for me, i dont remember the song but i know i didnt enjoy it, find it kind of boring?. I did enjoyed Boy and I Love You, the last one even more.


  3. Boy grew on me so much but this and I Love You… kinda hate it not going to lie. I’m honestly tired of this kind of sound, even from NCT.


  4. I didn’t get any NCT at first but I can see it now. However, to me, it feels like a much more generic approach to a nct song with even less charisma and thus infinitely worse.


  5. I’m glad TREASURE is starting to play more with their sound – as a new group, it’s around the time that they should show some duality. I don’t mind MMM. There are elements that I enjoy and the EDM was an interesting addition, in my opinion. It may grow on me after a few more listens, but it doesn’t really compare to I LOVE YOU and BOY for me.


  6. With first listening to the song I was a bit confused.
    After listening to this song quite a few times, I was really delighted. This song was a nice contrast to their previous releases. I appreciate more mature sound from them. Boys are really talented and captivating, for me it really shows with every track they perform, especially on stage. I can’t wait for what they bring in the future.

    Also i really love their b-side Orange . These vocals are so pleasing to hear.


  7. Okay, so as a huge huge fan of Boy (and I Love You’s verses! not the chorus), I think it’s clear I enjoy a largely exciting and brighter tone especially from a rookie group. MMM in comparison I think is extremely weird and the prechorus as well as the instrumental is okay but what is that nasty gunfire-jackhammer sound?? Maybe once in the end would’ve been okay but not twice every chorus. Don’t get me started on the line distribution. The song as a whole just seems really unpleasant to me and a bit rushed even. I noticed a bit of annoying autotune and it is quite rap heavy. That’s fine in a group such as Bigbang where there are 2 rappers and (previously) 3 vocalists, but Treasure has 12 members with only 3 rappers. I’m quite disappointed since I’ve followed them since 2018 and they STILL have yet to release anything as fun and feel-good as Going Crazy (although Boy was great too).


  8. Idk, Boy and I Love You are much better imo. This is bordering on cringy boy group area, especially the verses, like I felt uncomfortable watching and listening. Boy and I love you I would easily show to a friend without being embarrassed, this not so much

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  9. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one in the comments liking this. I actually like it very much, even though Boy is still up on the list. I very much fell in love with the song’s consistency and it actually helped me stay focused in the song. Although the chorus could be more, I think the boys made it work.

    I could find myself listening to this song a lot, though not as more as Boy and I Love You. Still, this is pretty much an enjoyable track. I would give this a solid 8.


  10. Feels like way too much of an NCT song that they prob would have done better. I feel kinda bad that I haven’t absolutely loved any of Treasure’s songs but it is what it is. Boy was alright, I hated I love You and it looks like I’m not a fan of this as well.


  11. I actually like this song. Not one I would grab for if I had to, but I do like the attitude, even if it does sound NCT-esque. Boy and I Love You just never really hit me and I’ve forgotten them, so MMM is an improvement honestly.

    Interesting though how different opinions of the three songs they’ve debuted with can be.


  12. I think I’m with most people here in that at first I found Boy pretty jarring, but then it grew on me (specially Haruto’s rap), while Love You still falls flat, and it’d be much the same with this song if I hadn’t realized halfway through the MV that Treasure is actually quite enjoyable if you see their tracks through the lens of the performance, as in, I don’t think the songs are much by themselves, but they do an admirable job of supporting a great choreo/performance, in my totally unprofessional opinion. So I don’t really see myself playing any one but Boy on the car or anything, but I’ll definitely be rewatching the MVs. And yup, funny enough, even before reading any comment I was thinking “this looks a lot like 127.”

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  13. Yep, instant NCT vibes. That includes the subtle cringe that NCT induces for me at times (Regular?). I don’t really know what to think of that “Mmm, yaaah” part..
    I think it’s just not for me, I’m not big on hip hop- ish songs after all.


  14. boy is generic, I love u is unlistenable (the chorus wtf). not to say their lyric, is too simple. I can’t stand this group (the producer). They have great amount of talent, but their music didn’t support them. They are lucky tho to have such a very dedicated fan base despite their lame songs.


        • That’s why I wrote good, not awesome or amazing.
          I am aware of the weak parts of the songs, but I still enjoy listening to them.
          I just think the word ”lame” is a bit too harsh, but that’s only my personal opinion.


  15. Y’know listening to this song made me realize that I just do Not Vibe with the YG production style. There’s something very…. bright about how the voices and synths are put together on ostensibly a dark-toned song that kinda drives me nuts and drove me away from most of Ikon’s work, etc. Maybe it’s just YG does hip hop sorta songs that I don’t like (though that is a lot of what YG does) because I really enjoyed Love Scenario + Killing Me. Either way, this track really drove that home.

    I can totally understand the NCT comparisons but I would argue that if this was an NCT song it’d have much richer production and composition, since SM seems to like their songs more….compact? underneath the bells and whistles on top. I guess that’s one of the things that made me not interested in this song was the kind of flatness to it.

    Also the whisper rap in Punch made me uncomfortable but came nowhere near my immediate recoil on hearing “mmmm let me treasure you” in my ear no thanks so that kinda set the tone for my view of the rest of the song lol


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