Song Review: ONEUS – BBUSYEO

After getting done in by a firing squad in their last music video, ONEUS have moved full circle with the bright, funky BBUSYEO (뿌셔). How’s that for versatility?

This marks the group’s first digital single release and arrives days after their first online concert. And really, a song like BBUSYEO is tailor-made for a concert setting. It sees the guys trading their dark outfits and brooding expressions for an exuberant brass hook reminiscent of early Seventeen. As a proponent of upbeat material like this, I’m quite pleased – even if BBUSYEO isn’t quite the triumph it could have been.

The song lets you know what you’re in for right from the start, as the instrumental kicks off with a fun talk box riff. From here, the verse bounds forward on great energy, harnessing a rollicking clap-along beat buoyed by flourishes of guitar. It’s totally fun, and allows the guys to showcase more personality than a lot of their past work has.

Like Seventeen’s modern classic Very Nice, BBUSYEO opts for a big instrumental riff instead of a full chorus. This approach can be explosive if done right, and BBUSYEO nearly gets there. I wish the instrumental hook was catchier and more unique, but the guys support it with a chanted aside that helps compensate. I’m no fan of the half-time breakdown that opens verse two, but at least BBUSYEO plays with it a little by injecting retro synth over the trap beats. In the grand scheme of ONEUS’s discography, the track may not amount to much. But, it’s a welcome burst of joy to open this chilly December.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

9 thoughts on “Song Review: ONEUS – BBUSYEO

  1. This is probably my favorite ONEUS title track so far. As much as I appreciate the dramatic and theatric concept they’ve been going with, a high energy pop song is exactly what I need right now. It’s a 9/10 for me.

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  2. Alright! Off Topic , I know but look at this:

    Look at this.

    Now Look at this…

    There is a big contrast in quality!

    What are they trying to go for?

    Because I am really excited….


    • Wow. A comeback so soon? But I am definitely not complaining. Their first EP was great, and that second teaser is sounding just like my ideal SOTY, as the kids say. My 2020 Miroh (I know, I know awful comparison, but I can’t think of any other high energy, overwhelmingly instrumental song right now.)


  3. This sounds like alt-“Mansae” for sure. Its got everything but the One Short Guy in Kpop and the patented DK/SK high pitched wail. … I know we were all begging for bright boy concepts earlier this year, but maybe something a little more updated next time, not bright boy circa 2016. I am not complaining, much, just saying.


    • I on the other hand just want more bright boy circa 2016! More modern takes on the bright concept are welcome too, but the 2016-2017 part of Svt’ s discography is one I don’ t mind reliving.

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  4. ahh now this songs for me. could have easily been a 10 if not for the trap at the beginning of the second verse but whatever, you win some you lose some.

    btw… boyhood just released a single last night, will you be reviewing it by chance?

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